Focus on first summer squid talk

Actress and talent First Summer Wooka [29] was present at the personality recital of Nippon Broadcasting "All Night Nippon 0".

First summer squid, which broke last year with three articles of "Kansai dialect, Yankee style, Takarazuka style hair". When I was in charge of the program from April to Monday, I was paying attention to what kind of stance I would approach as it was the only female personality. However, I would like to prevent cracks in the future, but I want to send out topics that will become something like net news. "

Wika, who has an appealing way of putting clothes on her teeth, was enthusiastic with a laugh, saying, "Nippon Broadcasting can forgive me."

When asked about a project that I would like to do during the conference, I want a partner. I hope I can find a partner who can work in combination.

On this day, as personalities musicians, YouTubers, and comedians gathered each day, they were clearly present during the press conference.

Although it is his first personality as a regular, I would like to pay attention to what kind of talk on the radio will produce laughter after April.

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