For both children and adults, active players! Tokyu Plaza Shibuya Station

The West exit of Shibuya Station commercial facility”Shibuya the class”in 5th,”Tokyu Plaza Shibuya”is reopened. 40s or more of the”Mature adults”to the main target. The floor is food, health, beauty, Hobbies, and lifestyle as well as adults of interest along the axis 69 in the store configuration. Years 500 million ~ 600 million visitors expected.

【Here】Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, Shibuya Station West exit at 12 months 5 days open 69 stores gathered

The youth of the city and the image is established in Shibuya, but the fact is 30 instead of more shopping, eating and drinking,entertainment and enjoy the movie. Tokyu Plaza is a 1965 6 month”Shibuya Tokyu building”in the name of open. Fashion and eateries such as the tenant is scheduled to have a calm atmosphere, as well as a Russian restaurant”logos key”, such as numerous other long-standing fans with a well-known store also existed. Front of the station for redevelopment in 2015 closing time when”adults can enjoy the spot is gone”and The Voice of one after another…… great

Latest news: Food・Service principal tenant of the configuration changed. The 5th floor is”live young Live Lounge”set. Asset formation and operation of consultation, etc.” Life 100 years era”of commercial facilities and give the impression.

In addition, communication of the robot cafe”pepper light”, bags and clothes to makeup to”Atelier・Couturier group”such as entering.

Fashion related and 2 of the new business,access to the store”light”, the premium concept store”111″is open. Light is adult women, for clothing, cosmetics, household goods accumulation. Fashion light of the”Sibilla”, such as 3 brand configure. Another 1 is WACOAL in cooperation with the”WACOAL+Q [plus links]”, the figure changes and adapted to the purpose of WACOAL women’s innerwear, mainly limited to beauty equipment and food, etc were handled.

Premium concept store 111 is on changing the theme in Settings Theme, along with 4 stores in 1 month of a limited opening style. 1st fashion designer 丸山敬 fat Mr. A”Salon de The”But the 12 days in limited deployment, then Indian embroidery install the”Blanca”just shred the slopes of OOO with Finn or BMO in this endlessly.

In addition,the towel・household goods”Iori”,of Japanese goods”Katayama promotion Shoten”, shoes, bed mattresses, Wallpapers and Achilles of the new business of”Achilles and lifestyle store,”such as opening stores that.

On the 2nd floor is GMO Internet,”rendezvous spot, GMO digital・Hachiko”to open. The famous faithful dog Hachiko is a hologram appeared in the dedicated terminal can see the background changing the world in 7 countries traveled, the destination and season to suit the costume also changed. Around chairs. Free Wi-Fi and charging points and features,the smartphone generation is also a convenient meeting place and used it.

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