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For both men and women, "Devil Blade" ranks high in all ages, and "Tapioca" declines in popularity! LINE Research announces fixed-point survey on youth epidemic

LINE provides quarterly services to young men and women aged 15 to 24 nationwide using LINE Research, a smartphone-only research platform based on the company's five million active research panels. Announced the results of a questionnaire survey on "recently popular things, things and people" and "things that are likely to become popular in 2020".

■ Manga / anime “Devil's Blade” soars in the young fashion in the second half of 2019 for both men and women

・ “ Tapioca '' maintains first place for four consecutive times, but tends to decline after peaking in September 2019
・ Manga / anime “ Devil's Blade '' rises about 4.3 times from June, ranked third in December
・ “ Official Beard Man Dism '' keeps the top during the second half of 2019

■ For men 19 to 24 years old, “Pocket Monster / Pokemon” surpasses “Tapioca” and ranks first

・ "Devil Blade" ranked 2nd or 3rd in all generations for both men and women
・ Game popularity among males aged 15-18 continues, with 6 out of the top 10 related to games
(Pokémon / Pokémon: 8.3%, Games: 5.6%, CALL OF DUTY series: 3.4%,
(Crash Royale: 3.4%, Monster Strike: 3.1%, Winning Eleven Series: 2.4%)
・ For women, “Arashi” ranks in all ages, and male idols “SixTONES” and “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN” also rank high.
・ While “Tapioca”, which is on the decline overall, is more than 20% female
(Female 15-18: 24.4%, Female 19-22: 21.5%, Female 23-24: 23.4%)

■ Trend forecast in the second half of 2019, “Devil Blade” and “Pokemon” will continue to be the hot trends

・ "YouTuber", "Manga / Anime / Movie" for "What you think will be popular in 2020"
Surveyed in 5 genres: "game", "singer / idol", and "comedy entertainer"
・ In "Manga / Anime / Movie", "Devil's Blade" ranked first (33.4%), attracting particularly high attention
・ "Pokemon Sword Shield" ranked first in "Game" (17.3%), and Pokemon popularity is expected to continue

01_Second half of 2019_Fashion ranking

02_December 2019_Gender trends

03_2020_Fashion prediction ranking

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