For individual investors, the Buddha says:now it should be nurtured education ICT related stocks【FISCO social Reporter】

*18:16JST individual investors, the Buddha says:now it should be nurtured education ICT related stocks【FISCO social Reporter】
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※In 2019 12 November 10 8: 00 am in writing

In Nihonbashi, this hotel more

By the Government 13 trillion yen of fiscal expenditure has been the focus of attention is related to education in the 2023 fiscal year all elementary and Junior high school PCs, etc. IT can use the device environment to achieve for the budget I don’t know for a fact that this topic seems to have become.

All elementary and Junior High School students to the IT device to promote the inter-regional educational inequality is expected to reduce. Furthermore, utilizing IT, if the traditional paper textbooks to use in the case did on the latest technologies and global social awareness content that incorporates education can do.

The government of Education”ICT innovation for the environment 5 Year Plan(2018~2022 FY)”formulate educational and ICT environment and establish and,as necessary expenses for a single fiscal year, 1,805 billion of local government Finance measures can be taken. The Japanese international competitiveness to strengthen, the positive utilization of IT promoting as the attitude of the people.

So this time, and recommends that educational ICT-related stocks look like.

■The light of Education ICT related stocks:business<9783>

Distance learning business in the national top of companies. Overseas education and the pay nursing home business also. Education of ICT to support education platform”Classi(classical)”and expand that. Classi nationwide 2,500 schools more than high schools used in the education and ICT sector profile,track record and also reckoned that there would be.

■Attention to the education of ICT-related stocks(1):Uchida Yoko<8057>

Enterprise line-of-business systems and office furniture to expand that. In addition, the school for equipment and system are also provided. The company operated by the education content delivery service”EduMall(the Mall)”digital textbooks, such as about 1,200 titles, from the school side of suit materials you can choose the annual contract of Service and attention at about 330 municipalities 5,300 students of primary and middle schools has been introduced.

■Attention of the education ICT-related brand name(2):real jobs<6096>

Online English learning services, and jobs English study Service Deployment. Elementary school~College・the school, such as various educational institutions 230 schools and more in addition to more than 2,200 corporations also job English is used. In the future further leap forward in education ICT-related company.

A new educational ICT-related stocks to make a profit from? It is their corporate trends and market insight to understand the company focus on investment to consider and,personally believes.

Investment God Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy is that”I can understand business doing to invest in companies that”consciousness about themselves, the first is education in ICT-related brand name to learn more. Education ICT-related stocks have yet to write enough to the posted terms for the convenience of the stop,education and ICT related stocks to learn together comrade for more blogs and more.

Other,currently the latest featured theme stocks,personal attention to individual stocks Information blog many introduction. Skyrocket is expected that collision avoidance systems related stocks,cloud game related stocks such as concerning theory of writing. Google and Yahoo search engines in the”Buddha of the shares blog”and search for the future of brand name selection to help you want.


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