For owners of 911, 912, 914 looking for the perfect suspension setup

A strange noise is heard from the feet of 911. Feel the vibration of the steering and wobble of the suspension. Or the ride is generally poor. In such a case, it may be time to replace the bush and ball joint of the front control arm. These are consumables for which wear is inevitable, and when replaced with new ones, a dramatic change can be felt. However, replacement work is quite difficult without the right tools.

America's Renline is the one to do the hard part instead. You may want to consider a carefully selected bush and ball jobber adjustable ball joint for the new control arm. Particularly suitable for 911, 912, 914 owners who want a perfect suspension setup for circuit driving. When the camber-adjustable ball joint is mounted, the lower part of the strut is separated from the body, so that the problem that the camber adjustment width of the upper part of the strut is narrow can be solved.

Even if the position of the upper mount is not changed, the camber can be up to -0.75 ° and the tread spreads by 0.5 inch only with the ball joint, and the stance and stability of the front end can be improved at a stretch. It's perfect for both road and circuit suspensions, but it comes with ints and is sold as a kit. The brand new control arm has the same black powder coat paint as the original factory arm.

Two types of bushes are available in Renren's control arm kit. If you choose the standard type, the original feel when it arrived from the factory will be revived. The other HD bush is slightly stiffer and less flexible. But if you're looking for the best performance without sacrifices like the Poly Bronze Bush, this is the place to go. If you are using it in a race or lowering the height below standard, it will be an indispensable item especially for those who want to adjust alignment very much.

After selecting the option, Renline will ship the control arm in one to three days, so it can be installed smoothly after arrival. There is no need to send old parts for replacement. Note that this takes advantage of the earlier anti-roll bar brackets. Therefore, even if the anti-roll bar is an early OEM product or a product made by Turret, it can be attached if it is a type that penetrates the body, but it can not be used if it is a type that is attached to the subsequent underbody. Approximately $ 500 for a set of two.

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