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For skin without shininess and pores! Two-faced new base makeup is now available in the "Primed & Poreless+" series!

Cute package of baby pink!

A new base makeup item from Two Faced, which is great for the summer when you are worried about shininess and pores due to sebum."Two Faced Primed & Poreless + Face Primer/Primed & Poreless + Face Powder"Appeared! ❖ Encouraging because it completely covers the worries and defects of the skin that you are worried about, and makes the skin smooth and silky. I immediately tried the feel and finish!

Cute but functional! Introducing a primer and face powder that frees you from worrying about pores and shine

Prepare for a skin base that does not worry about defects,Two FacedIntroducing two new base makeup items to the "Primed & Poreless+" series! Not only the package that is cute enough to grab a girl's heart, but also its functionality.

"Two Faced Primed & Poreless + Face Primer" (30mL, suggested retail price 4,000 yen excluding tax, nationwide release on July 3, 2020 *July 1st official online store pre-sale)Is a primer that suppresses shine and prepares poreless skin. Makes your skin look even better by using it before foundation. While covering skin problems, it creates a smooth and smooth skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a moisturizing ingredient, so it also has the effect of protecting the skin from dryness!

"Two Faced Primed & Poreless + Face Powder" (6g, suggested retail price 4,000 yen excluding tax, nationwide release on July 3, 2020 *July 1st official online store pre-sale)Is a face powder that absorbs sebum and prepares the skin to avoid pores. It evens the skin and creates a soft matte silky skin.

It is also reliable that the proprietary formula protects the skin from air pollution and dryness caused by blue light.

I don't care about pores, shine, or dryness! Feels smooth and smooth on your skin

Try the new base makeup item at once! First, from the primer.

A very cute package with a baby pink tube with a heart and a gold cap. I think pink x gold is the strongest combination that tickles a girl's heart.

The texture is a gel-like cream type. The color is a slight beige color with a hint of citrus.

If you extend it to the back of your hand, it will stretch and become familiar, giving you a light feel!

The skin became smooth and smooth with less noticeable pores.

Let's use it on the face.

When applied to the face, it spreads and spreads evenly, leaving skin smooth when applied.

The pores are covered nicely and smooth skin with no irregularities is completed!

It is smooth to the touch, has no stickiness, and is comfortable to use. The nice point is that you don't feel any stress on your skin with an airy feeling. Hyaluronic acid is included so you don't have to worry about dryness, so it's recommended to enjoy makeup without makeup!

Then try using face powder.

White face powder is set in a baby pink square compact.

With a heart-shaped puff that is convenient for repairing, it can be stored under the powder. During the daytime, if you are worried about shininess, you can use it quickly and it is convenient, and your heart-shaped cuteness will increase your tension.

The powder has a smooth texture.

When you put it on your face, it feels light and is very light, and it feels like you are not wearing anything.

A soft matte finish with silky texture that doesn't bother you with pores or shine.

It absorbs sebum and prevents shine, but I'm glad that it doesn't bother with dryness over time.

"Two Faced Primed & Poreless + Face Primer/Primed & Poreless + Face Powder" is a cute cover for women's enemies, such as shininess and pore problems. Recommended for those who want to get smooth skin that looks good in the photo, and those who want to spend comfortably without worrying about skin defects!

The official online shop will go on sale from July 1, 2020, and will be available from July 3 at stores that sell two-faced nationwide.

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