For some reason, there is a “Yakitori-ya” that Bangladeshi people strongly recommend → I found out why

Bangladesh adjacent to India. From the perspective of Japan, there may be some people whose location and culture do not come because of the world beyond China and Southeast Asia.

I (Nakazawa) met Bangladeshi the other day but honestly did not come. So I asked a recommended restaurant to understand Bangladesh …For some reason I was forced to yakitori shop.

・ Recommended yakitori restaurant in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi are Johnny who goes to the Japanese language school “Hotsuma International School”. He is a chef, and his future dream is to create “a food company that crosses borders like Cup Noodles and McDonalds”.Therefore, I often eat out for studying in Tokyo..

Therefore, it was the story of the recommended restaurant mentioned above. Johnny said, “There is the best store!”Where where?

Johnny"It's really delicious here (show your HP on your smartphone)"

Me"" Blacksmith Bunzo "……What is Yakitoriya?! "

Johnny"Good shop. I love all my friends in Bangladesh"

Me"It's not a Bangladeshi restaurant"

──I personally intended to ask Bangladeshi restaurants, but Johnny says, “There are not many Bangladeshi restaurants in Japan.” When he wants to eat, he buys seasonings from Shin-Okubo and makes them himself.

It was surprising to recommend Yakitori-ya, but there are many Yakitori-yaWhy here? Moreover, Johnny says that all Bangladeshi friends like this shop.What attracts Bangladeshi people in “Blacksmith Bunzo”? I went to “Blacksmith Bunzo” Shinjuku West Exit.

・ Much ordinary Yakitori restaurant

Whether you look at the design with the lanterns underneath the eaves or the menu table outside the store, it's a yakitori restaurant. The level of melting into the bar is based on the optical camouflage of “Ghost in the Shell”. If Japanese people go back to work and talk about a bit,I often found this store in a foreign country. Kusanagi element is also surprised.

When I entered the store, there was no more inside than I imagined. At the moment the door is opened, the scent of the sauce and chicken baked. The people standing at the counter in front of the kitchen are the office workers like Aramaki and Togusa.Bangla element is zero.

・ Johnny's recommended menu

By the way, Johnny ’s recommendation is “Boiled chicken bunzo (750 yen including tax)”. So, first of all, I rushed and ordered “Chicken Momo Bunzo Yaki” without looking at the menu…

I see.

The moment when the goods are carried,I understood in an instant. Why did Johnny push this so hard? A lump of meat on a big silver plateThere is a festive feeling. I can only imagine, but this is what South Asian parties are like.

Such meat is covered with a brown and baked curtain that forms a dome. It looks like salt kiln ware,What is this? I just ate it …

I see.

Eat again and try again. This tastes like South Asia. After the savory taste of chicken meat begins, the tanginess and spiciness spread in the mouth. And when I noticed, my mouth was really spicy! But for some reason I want to eat a bite again.I can't stop!!

I do n’t like to be particularly spicy,Good sourness and mellow taste. Is this mayonnaise? For a test, I wrapped it with a side dish of cabbage and it was a nice combination! Umma !!

“Blacksmith Bunzo” is a yakitori restaurant that attracts Bangladeshi people and never stops. Above all, the taste of “Chicken Bunzo Yaki” was decorated with spicy horses and volume that even convince borders. Spicy goes well with liquor, so be sure to order it when you go to “Blacksmith Bunzo”.

・ Store information introduced this time

Store nameBlacksmith Bunzo Shinjuku West Exit
Street address1-14-17 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
business hoursMON-Sat 17: 00-23: 30 / Sun / Holiday 17: 00-22: 30
Regular holidayNo holidays

Coverage cooperation:Hotsuma International School

Report:Seiko Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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