For the”pet era”did not adopt them (see below)

“On”is the pet of the supplements appeared in the market is rising and knew I was. “Under”is a pet(dog)with out there,becoming more and more popular and know I want to be. Pet, and anyway”overwhelming”era is like that.

【Previous】For the”pet era”did not adopt them (see above)

Mitsui real estate under the umbrella of Golf・hotel contract management,play business firms Resource Holdings (the sole HD,TSE 1st section)there. Software HD following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese 7 month,”pet&Spa hotel Izu one”open.

“Pet&Spa hotel”brand,it・NASU on the 3rd May. Originally a company recreation facility was. Of the building existing floor plan and equipment as much as possible taking advantage of the renovation as. With the dog staying in that hotel. Our reserve forces in the guise of features reviews heard. This condition is.

★This plan is,(dogs only) and hot showers, the dog should have its feet cleaned in the designated area the place there.

★Dog is free to exercise to the dog, the original tennis. Cushioning is excellent in deodorizing and insect-repellent effect to wood chips spread out to. For small dogs and large dogs for divided into. A rainy day in the hotel(dog and people)community salon is provided.

★The rooms are Japanese and Western of 2 type in all 11 rooms. All rooms have large dog companions is possible. In the entrance of the room,the dog connected and lead hook. Or the indoor version of the kennel/cage is also provided.

★For each room,the dog’s comfort into consideration amenities (dog for tableware, toilet seat, deodorants, adhesive roller, brush, plastic bags, etc)you have to.

★Restaurant,Izu waters in fresh fish+near the mountains of the French full course. Human guests also delight would be required for the dog’s diet. The chef hand-made safe and secure additive-free menu is provided.

★Human’s only hotel, the flows from the springs. The dog is put together with the same hot-drawn small bathroom place too.

My fee is”traveling dog is a small dog then?”and heard,a moment at a loss for. From the mouth come out from the”Dachshund”. “Small dogs, I think its 1 Night 1500 yen”. More”posing”the question is rude and I hung up.

The home page of the look for dog food is”small 800 yen,””large dogs 1000 yen”and of the. The rooms itself of charges of”Japanese-Style Room/3 person allowed in the”1 per 1 million yen. This type of availability is next year, January 1 is from 1 day to 21 days”at sea”.

Software HD to know the analysts”dogs from equipment harm like if you do that”and heard. “Insurance collateral in the being. And of the billeting night fee will be added to as and”and or.

Friends”the pet place to travel such as go out from”that direction is less. If an elderly couple only to travel and even the animal hospital, your pet shop to a reasonable accommodation not required to pay. The “pet era”is a comprehensive you can. (Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at)

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