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If you are planning a “trip” for the New Year holidays, a must-see. "Packr Travel Checklist App』Might you not have to worry about forgetting to pack?

Packing is easy with “Packr Travel Checklist App”!

"Packing" is an inevitable part of traveling. Even if you think you've prepared perfectly, it's no longer a standard practice to say "I forgot that!" At least for the year-end and New Year trips, we want to make sure we don't forget anything. If you have the "Packr Travel Checklist App", you will be able to easily pack in the future, not just for the year-end and New Year holidays.

The app automatically creates your inventory! ?

As the name implies, this app is an application that can create a checklist of belongings. Immediately after launching, a “red button” with the text “Add next trip” appeared. Just push here and it's a button with a lot of insistence. Okay, if you want to say that, push it.

Then, various screens such as a calendar are displayed. Enter "Destination", "Travel date", and "Gender". Click “Select Activity” to move to the next screen “Select Activity & List”.

Here, you can select accommodations, transportation, and activities. At first glance, it feels awkward, but it's surprisingly quick because you only click on the applicable items. Totally stress-free! Finally, press "Create Trip" and you will have a "Travel List" in no time.

After that, the app will automatically list your belongings, and the user will only proceed with packing according to the list. Of course, you can add your luggage to an existing list or create your own inventory. With this, packing is already safe! ?

Please use this app for business trips and trips with friends and enjoy a comfortable travel life.

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・ Capacity: 35.8 MB
・ Version: 1.11
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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