For those who find it annoying to have the first line of the "memo" on the iPhone start in bold

"Memo", which is one of the most frequently used apps that comes with the iPhone, is useful for drafting emails and word processing documents, instead of literally using Notepad. You can create it from various apps via the share menu, or you can create it verbally by instructing Siri.

The memo (scribble created not by the application) is a specification that makes the first line bold when it is displayed in a list. In general, scribble starts from the main subject/important matter suddenly, so it is thought that bold bold letters are more useful for understanding the content.

However, when you actually open the memo, you can see that the typeface is set to bold in the first line. This is because the first line is initially set to be bold, but even if the typeface is not changed, it will be displayed in bold when displayed in a list. If you set the typeface, the information of the typeface will be copied when you copy it and use it in other applications (mail, word processor, etc.), so it may be less troublesome to disable the bold type setting.

The setting to make the first line in bold font is effectively disabled by opening the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Memo" and checking the "body" (the same format as the body is applied to the first line as well) Setting). Now, even though all the lines are in the same typeface when editing the memo, the first line is displayed in bold when the list is displayed.

If you move the cursor to the first line when editing the memo and tap "Body" on the format setting screen that appears with the "Aa" button, you can stop the bold display on the first line without changing the initial settings. Even if you create a checklist on the first line, the format on the first line will not be bold, so use it as necessary.

Easy explanation of operation procedure

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    1 By default, the typeface on the first line is set to bold type.

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    2 To change the default settings of the typeface applied to the first line, open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Memo" → "New memo start style"

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    3 Check "Body"

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    Four You can also change the typeface by tapping the "Aa" button while editing the first line and selecting "Body"

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