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For translucent glossy skin! New color lavender color appeared in popular makeup base "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer"!

Aim for shiny and bright skin! I checked the difference from the existing color

Jill Stuart Beauty, the winner of the Best Cosmetic Award in numerous media"Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer"New color "02 aurora lavender" appeared! The combination of Aurora Lavender Pearl and Diamond Pearl eliminates dullness and brings out overwhelming transparency. I immediately verified that ability!

Received many best cosmetics! Lavender color with a sense of transparency appears on the foundation of ability makeup

Body and box of "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer 02 aurora lavender" arranged side by side

Kose CorporationNow on sale from "Jill Stuart Beauty""Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer"Is a popular cosmetic that has won numerous best cosmetics awards, such as VoCE's 3rd place in the second half of 2019's best cosmetics (underground, BB, CC section), with 1st place in the second half of 2019's beloved cosmetics grand prix (underground, BB, CC section) Groundwork.

Container of new color "02 aurora lavender" of "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer"

This spring release"Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer 02 aurora lavender" (30ml, suggested retail price 3,200 yen excluding tax, March 6, 2020)Is a new color of lavender, which gives a clear and shiny skin.

Lid of "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer"

With the combination of three serum ingredients, star fruit extract, grape extract, and camcam extract, it is a nice point that you can expect a moisturizing effect like skin care while making up. In addition, avocado extract, kiwi extract, lemon extract, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter and other eight naturally occurring moisturizing ingredients! In addition, with UV cut function of "SPF20 ・ PA ++".

Box containing "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer"

Aurora lavender pearls and diamond powder, which give off sparkling light, are carefully selected and blended to give you a dull, translucent and glossy skin. In addition, it uses silicone oil that is difficult to mix with sweat and sebum, so you can keep the finish freshly applied for a long time.

It leads to the aurora skin that glows from the inside! "02 aurora lavender"

Bottle of “Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer 02 aurora lavender” wrapped in both hands

Try the new color “02 aurora lavender” right away!

Using Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer 02 aurora lavender with your finger

When applied to the back of the hand, it feels like a fresh milky lotion. It is smooth and has good growth!な の で The texture is light, so there is almost no “painting” and stress-free.

The difference is obvious compared to unpainted skin! It seems that the freshness has improved and the skin color has also become one tone brighter.

Adheres tightly, with even and beautiful skin without unevenness like a veil. A uniform transparency is also born. Then, you will be healed by the elegant fragrance of the crystal pink bouquet drifting softly.

Adapting your finger to “Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer 02 aurora lavender”

After the skin is covered with lotion, take the base with one push hand and spread it over the entire face.

The dullness of the skin flies, and a bright and bright skin is completed!

Naturally covers the pores for a smooth finish with a slight veil.

Half of a woman's face painted with "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer 02 aurora lavender"

The base with emollient oil made the skin soft and moist as after skin care.

In addition, there is no foundation crack that will be a problem when you make up for a long time, and you will be impressed with your skin moist even when you make up in the evening! Although it has a moist feeling, it feels smooth when touched with your finger, and it seems to be usable all season.

Let's compare it with the existing color "01 crystal diamond"

Next, let's compare the existing color “01 crystal diamond” with the new color “02 aurora lavender”.

Existing color 01 crystal diamond container of "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer"

The existing color “01 crystal diamond” is a delicate pearl type that gives a luxurious luster.

Existing and new colors of "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer" arranged side by side

Both are alcohol-free and paraben-free, so people with sensitive skin can use it with confidence.

"01 crystal diamond" is a bright white color.

"02 aurora lavender" is a gentle lavender color.

When comparing the existing color “01 crystal diamond” on the left side of the face and the new color “02 aurora lavender” on the right side, the “01 crystal diamond” on the left has a bright skin with a bright impression. The particles are large and glittering, so they can shine in play and party scenes.

The "02 aurora lavender" on the right is finished with a transparent and gentle impression, and the fine pearls give a moist luster, making it suitable for office and date scenes.

A woman with 02aurora lavender beside "Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer" beside her face

"Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer"While covering the pores naturally, it led to a clear, shiny and bright skin, and I felt that it was the perfect makeup base for spring when people meet more people. Recommended for those concerned about dull skin and pores.

Purchase products from Jill Stuart Beauty stores and official online shops nationwide.

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