For used smartphones, the iPhone is far more popular, SIM free version is affordable

Wave Dash announced on March 2 the sales ranking of used smartphones in February 2020 on its flea market site "Musbee". The overall ranking shows that iPhones dominate the top 10 and remain strong in popularity.

  • Even in the sale of used smartphones, the iPhone had gained overwhelming popularity. In particular, the SIM free version, which is less expensive compared to the carrier version with SIM lock, is selling well

The sales ranking of used smartphones is as follows. The first place was the iPhone 7 released in 2016, which seems to have been evaluated for the current model and its uncolored equipment, such as compatible with dust proof and drip proof and Apple Pay while affordable price in the mid 20,000 yen range .

SIM free version is lined up in the ranking. In the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the price difference between the au version and the SoftBank version with the SIM lock is reduced to around 3,000 to 7,000 yen, and it seems that the SIM free version was preferred.

Overall ranking

Ranking Model name Average price
First place iPhone 7 [SIM free domestic version] 25,756 yen
2nd place iPhone 8 [SIM free domestic version] 40,646 yen
3rd place iPhone 6s [SIM free domestic version] 17,779 yen
4th iPhone SE [SIM free domestic version] 18,771 yen
5th place iPhone X [SIM free domestic version] 58,067 yen
6th place iPhone 7 [au] 18,645 yen
7th place iPhone 8 [au] 37,532 yen
8th iPhone 7 [SoftBank] 18,179 yen
9th iPhone XR [SIM free domestic version] 64,610 yen
10th iPhone 7 Plus [SIM free domestic version] 36,412 yen

Since the overall ranking was ranked 1st to 10th by iPhones, Android rankings are introduced in 5th place. Android is becoming popular with NTT DOCOMO devices.

Android model ranking

Ranking Model name Average price
First place Galaxy A20 SC-02M [NTT DOCOMO] 14,627 yen
2nd place Xperia X Compact SO-02J [NTT DOCOMO] 11,715 yen
3rd place AQUOS sense3 SH-02M [NTT DOCOMO] 29,727 yen
4th Xperia 1 SOV40 [au] 65,654 yen
5th place Xperia XZ Premium SO-04J [NTT DOCOMO] 21,698 yen

Without dividing by carrier, the popularity ranking by model was as follows.

Comprehensive ranking by model

Ranking Model name Average price
First place iPhone 7 23,179 yen
2nd place iPhone 8 38,188 yen
3rd place iPhone 6s 15,191 yen
4th iPhone SE 17,274 yen
5th place iPhone 6 7,567 yen

In addition, these terminals are actually used second-hand terminals traded, and the conditions and prices differ for each unit.

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