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For washing face of dry girl! Approximately 80% realize the effect of oil beauty grade with soap "Moisture Queen Oil Rich Treatment Soap" made of beauty oil

There is also a special soap dish that is convenient for storage!

After washing the face, the skin becomes firm, dry and the makeup is poorly applied."Moisture Queen Oil Rich Treatment Soap". Approximately 80% is facial soap made of beauty oil, realizing oil-filled beauty with daily facial cleansing. It is said that "smooth oil facial cleansing" that removes and removes dirt and "moisturizing oil moisturizing", which supplements moisture with beauty oil, can be expected to provide an oil beauty serum-class care effect. I tried such a new idea of ​​beauty oil soap!

A luxurious face-wash time that allows you to cleanse oils

HARE Inc.IKIIKI BOTANICS, a personal care brand specializing in oil beauty, developed by (Minato-ku, Tokyo). With a vision to be a lifestyle brand that will be a vitality for living tomorrow at IKIIKI, snuggling up to the busy urban life of busy modern women, a moment from the noisy outside world, We offer products that provide easy and high-quality relaxation experiences.

Approximately 80% of such brand's popular standard products are facial cleansing soaps made of beauty oil"Moisture Queen Oil Rich Treatment Soap" (90g, suggested retail price 1,900 yen excluding tax, on sale). The beauty oil in 90g of soap is 70g!贅 A luxurious prescription that squeezes and solidifies beauty oil, and is recommended for people with dry skin.

Adult women's skin, which has weakened the ability to secrete sebum, tends to lose oil due to incorrect cleansing and excessive facial cleansing, leading to chronic dry skin due to lack of oil. Oil-rich treatment soap removes and removes dirt with oil-incorporated beauty, and at the same time, supplements the necessary oil with beauty oil and gives the best moisture, so it can escape from the dry spiral with daily face washing .

It is unique in its use, and it is a method of painting instead of lathering. It is characterized by a sticky, thick feel. If you perform an oil massage while washing your face, the oil will penetrate the skin unraveled from makeup and stress moderately, leaving the skin moist and moist. Smooth face wash × Glossy oil W effect of moisturizing, you can feel the skin feel completely different from normal face wash.

The reason why it gives a completely different wash than normal facial cleansing is because high-quality oils are blended with precise calculations. With an oil booster function that draws in lotion, an oil repair function that repairs skin damage, an oil softening effect that massages with oil, and an aroma oil therapy effect that uses pure essential oils, it is not just a face wash, but an oil beauty serum grade. It is said that you can realize your ability.

Oil soap is easy to dissolve, so it is recommended to keep it in the sink. There is also a special soap dish with a glass stone on a stainless steel plate to make the soap last longer. If you use this dish, the glass stone will cut off the water well, so you can keep the soap dry and clean.

It is easy because it does not lather! Oil essence-grade care is possible with just 30 seconds of massage

Immediately, I experienced a luxurious face wash time with a special beauty oil soap!

Cloth sachet package is simple and fashionable. It will look nice even if you put it on the shelf in the bathroom.

The color of the soap is cream. Using 100% natural essential oil with high healing effect, refreshing fragrance such as lavender and bergamot is comfortable. Relaxing effect also ◎

Use after getting your face wet in the morning and evening. At night, remove makeup before using.

First, let the soap go through the lukewarm water for a few seconds.

Then the surface melts and sticky stickiness comes out.

Apply the stickiness directly on the skin and apply. Easy to use without lathering! It is thick and rich in usability.

Then gently massage the whole face using the belly of the finger. The point is to use your eyes tightly so that they do not stain. The sticky, thick texture replaces the cushion, so it is less irritating and less skin-friendly even without lathering.

After about 30 seconds of massage, wash and rinse cleanly and gently press with a towel to remove moisture. There is no slimy feeling, and the refreshing finish is pleasantly pleasant.

While refreshing, the skin is moist! It is soft and elastic, and you can feel the moisture remaining. After that, I felt that the familiarity of the lotion and the makeup paste became better.

A little luxurious usage

In addition to basic usage, if you use it as a rich body care by leaving it on your body without lathering, it will make your whole body smooth and smooth. Put the reduced soap in a bathtub and dissolve by hand until it loses its shape. If you continue to use it, the corners of the soap will be rounded and you can use it as a massager for massage.

The most recommended use is a steamed towel.

If you apply a lot of stickiness on the entire face and put a steamed towel on it, the steam will loosen the stiffness of the skin and the penetration of the beauty ingredients will increase significantly! The aroma effect of the scent can be obtained, and the home esthetic can be relaxed for both mind and body. Rinse the skin to remove dark pores and give it a smooth, moist skin!

A slightly luxurious use is recommended as a reward for a tired day or as a special care for a special day.

All 4 types can be selected according to skin problems

There are four types of oil-rich treatment soaps in all. In addition to "Moisture Queen", "Love Me Tender" for irritable fluctuation skin, "Damage Rescue" for damaged skin, "Brighton Up!" ]You can choose the one that suits your skin concerns.

The concept shop of IKIIKI BOTANICS will open at Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs for about half a year from February 28, 2020!オ イ ル New products will be released one after another, including oil care products that luxuriously blend natural ingredients, so if you are worried, why not check them out at the store?

"Moisture Queen @ Oil Rich Treatment Soap" is recommended for those with dry skin, those who want to achieve the finest moist skin, and those who want to easily achieve oil essence-grade care with a face wash!

Purchase from the official website, Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs concept shop!

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