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Ford develops “ Emoji Jacket '' that allows cyclists to indicate to drivers with emoticons-Engadget Japan version


When riding a bicycle on public roads in Japan, it is stipulated that, as a rule, you must drive on a road (with exceptions). In recent years, the number of roads where blue paint has been applied to parts where bicycles should run has increased. However, when riding a bicycle on a highway where cars and motorcycles come and go at high speeds, there is also anxiety about whether or not the vehicle will be in contact with or be bounced.

It seems that there are still dangerous places in Europe where the development of bicycle roads is relatively advanced, according to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), 19,450 cyclists died on roads in the EU from 2010 to 2018 Is reported to have been done. As part of the Share the Road campaign, Ford Europe has announced a prototype of the cycling jacket "Emoji Jacket" that displays pictographs on the LED matrix mounted on the back and facilitates communication between cyclists and drivers.

In a Ford Europe release, Dr. Neil Cohn, an assistant professor at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands and an emoticon expert, said, “ Now emojis cover the basic part of language exchange, so that you can communicate your will quickly to others. Is essential to the process. "


Emoji Jacket allows you to control the contents of the display with a remote control attached to the handle of the bicycle. For example, an arrow indicating a change of direction to the left or right, an "!" Mark surrounded by a triangle indicating a hazard, and pictograms with several facial expressions are displayed so that the current situation and feelings can be conveyed to the surroundings. .

"Emoji Jacket demonstrates one way to relieve tension between drivers and cyclists, using widely understood means of communication," said Dr. Cohn.

Unfortunately, this emoji jacket is still a prototype and will not be commercialized immediately. However, the glowing emoji can inform the driver of the driver's presence and also indicate his intentions, especially when the surroundings are dark from evening to night. And the light will help drivers notice early on, so actually riding a bicycle is likely to be much safer now.

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