Foreign Film Award is “Green Book” / Movie Grand Prize

“The 32nd Nikkan Sports Film Grand Prize / Yujiro Ishihara Award” [sponsored by Nikkan Sports Shimbun, sponsored by Ishihara Promotion] has been decided by the 11th.


The “Green Book” was selected as the foreign work award. Created based on the true story of a black jazz pianist and a white bodyguard / driver. In February this year, the Academy Award won three awards: a work award, a supporting actor award, and a screenplay award.

“The heart-warming buddy movie born from the true story has swept the world with the personal story of two men who were never flashy. Encouragement, I hope to continue delivering wonderful works from around the world to Japan. "

◆ Green Book The 1960s, when racial discrimination remains strong. Black jazz pianist Donald uses Italian white Tony as the driver. I went to the southern part where black discrimination is strong, and went on a performance trip with a black travel guide “Green Book”. Two people of different origins and personalities gradually build friendships. Director Peter Farrely.

Foreign work awards and selection process The 5 nominated works are “Green Book”, “ROMA / Rome”, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, “Yesterday”, and “Joker”. “Green-”, which was evaluated as “a social theme as an entertainment work” [Mr. Takenobu Watanabe], was decided by the third vote.

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