Forex weekly Outlook: dollar・yen also contact the U.S. economy of significant deterioration, to incorporate the expansion

*14:32JST exchange rates weekly Outlook: dollar・yen also contact the U.S. economy of significant deterioration, to incorporate the expansion
【Last summary】
■Rice of the employment situation significantly worse, such as anaerobic as selling dollars to strengthen

Last week the dollar・yen to fall. The US Federal Reserve Board [the FED]has an unlimited asset purchase or corporate and state and local governments for liquidity support announced a plan to receive dollar funding gap is resolved,the US long-term interest rates decreased. This movement is consciously selling dollars were preceded by the United States government・Congress $ 2 trillion of economic stimulus measures, have agreed that, from and buy USD・sell JPY and is a temporary dominant to the scene there was. However, in 3 month 26 days the announcement of Initial Jobless Claims 300 million more than the record number and the Powell Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board further relaxation of the posture, suggesting that, from the risk aversion of dollar sales is again Lively and was.

27 September, New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen, the temporary 107 yen 76 sen fell. In the United States a new type of coronavirus-infected individuals the number is the largest number and the 3 month University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index final value is significantly revised down this path, the risk aversion of dollar sale is observed. US stock prices and US long-term interest rates decline in dollar sales material and was. Dollar・yen is 107 yen 95 sen in this week’s trading finished. Dollar・yen trading range:107 yen 76 sen−111 yen and 71 sen.

■The dollar・yen is also contact the U.S. economy of significant deterioration, to incorporate the expansion

This week the dollar・yen is also contact from. In the United States a new type of corona virus infection in the global market,the Year 4-6 month period of the U.S. economy is a recession[in session]fall into this inevitable situation was. Dollar funding gap is resolved when some of the inflation, the progression of the unlikely and short-sighted approach to risk appetite by buying dollars is suppressed may be. However, the U.S. government and Congress is the employment situation of the sharp deterioration such as to accommodate the $ 2 trillion of large-scale economic stimulus measures, the establishment of an US President,the economic aid package signed.

Announced that employment-related and business confidence and other economic indicators are significantly worse, and promising that the United States shares of the economy and significant deterioration to some extent reflects the level falling. Us long-term interest rates decline in the price material, of Japan, various economic indicators also 3 months later is significantly worse and,in the domestic virus infection is expanding,risk-averse dollar sell・yen, buy a larger spread is unlikely that.

[US・3monthsISMmanufacturing】[4November1willbeannounced] 4 month 1 days will be announced U.S. 3 month ISM manufacturing is 45.5, and 2 months of 50. 1 from the significant decrease [worsening] to prospects. The new coronavirus spread by the manufacturing business confidence is significantly worse prospects, but the market expected and if it matches, then the risk aversion dollar selling is suppressed may be.

[US・3monthpayrolls】[4Months3dayswillbeannounced] 4 on 3 November announced the appointment of 3 on US jobs data, the unemployment rate 3. 9%, non-farm payrolls mom-6.1 million is expected. Non-farm payrolls decline in market expectations substantially exceeds the May,average hourly earnings growth year-on-year+3.0 percent is expected and the decline in wages of concern was the strong possibility of a low being.

Expectations: 106 yen 00 Sen−110 yen 00 Sen《FA》

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