Forex weekly Outlook: dollar・yen and the sluggish U.S. economic indicators is the dollar to buy the material is not

*14:38JST exchange rates weekly Outlook: dollar・yen and the sluggish growth, the US economic data the dollar to buy the material is not
【Refurbished MacBook Pro online and picked it up at the Apple Store yesterday・last week summary】
■The situation in the East of détente in the yen selling continues

Refurbished MacBook Pro online and picked it up at the Apple Store yesterday・last week [in 2019 12 May 30−2020 Years 1 months 10 days] of dollar・yen is lower reluctance. The Pentagon is 1 November 3, Trump the President on the instructions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander to conduct an offensive,killing people from the Middle East geopolitical risk is rapidly increasing,risk-averse, not selling dollars・JPY buy Active was. The Iranian side is retaliation as Ambassador to Iraq US military bases to missile attack, and risk-evasive yen buying has expanded, the dollar・yen is temporary 107 yen 65 sen fell.

However, the foreign Ministers of”the situation intensified and the war for not saying”and,playing the US President on the 8th went to the public for speech,”war with Iran not seeking”a view to tell this from the situation in the East of the state of tension is to some extent tempered. The US stock market Trump the President’s remarks likable and repulsive. The Forex market is notably conscious of the risk appetite by buy USD・JPY sell Active was.

10 days of the New York market, the dollar・yen, mainly 109 yen to the mid-remained. This day Published 12 September US employment report non-farm payrolls month-to-month+14.5 million, and the number of employees increased width is below market expectations was. Average hourly wage growth rate is also below market expectations, and this, US Treasury yields fell slightly. Dollar・yen is temporary 109 yen 69 per share is bought for us long-term interest rates decline and stock prices to consciously raise the reluctance,109 yen 55 sen in 10 days of trading ended. Dollar・yen trading range:107 yen 65 sen−109 yen 69 Qian.

■The dollar・yen is sluggish,US economic data the dollar to buy the material is not

This week the dollar・yen and the sluggish growth expected to expand. The situation in the East of the state of tension is eased to a certain extent, the risk-averse trade has narrowed. Just this week announced a 12-month consumer price index such as the US inflation-related economic indicators,current US financial policy can have a significant impact on low only. U.S. interest rates being watched resurfaced, the perception is less, the inflation-related economic indicators, market expectations and matched the rise in the dollar is small and so.

China’s Liu 鶴副 The Prime Minister 1 May 13 from Washington plan to visit in the United States and trade consultations in Phase 1 of the agreement signing is expected to spread,the US-China trade talks and the final agreement is in 2021 or later to view as well. Therefore, Phase 1 of the agreement signed by the risk appetite by buy USD・sell JPY and higher the possibility is low that. Dollar・yen is the psychological milestone of 110 yen to close at this level to clearly break through the only of dollars to buy all the ingredients are not the view of many. 14 days will be announced on 12 March of the US core CPI index [CPI]y / y+2.3% inflation rate is 11 actuals and the standards expected, and the dollar of the boosting factors is less so.

Among market participants is”the US Federal Reserve Board [the FED]at the end of 2020 at current interest rates to maintain”the world, and the early additional rate cuts are expected from. However, inflation, employment-related economic indicators of market expectations and significantly above the situation unless the rate hike is also expected the situation is expected to continue.

[US・12onthecoreCPIindex[CPI]】[14dayswillbeannounced] 14 announcement of the 12 months the core CPI index [CPI]y / y+2.3%, and 11 figures of+2.3%and comparable to the rate of inflation and prospects. Inflation slowed down for the concern of market expectations and matched the rate hike observation does not lead to that.

[US・12onretailsales】[16dayswillbeannounced] 16 announcement of 12 months retail sales, with a rise of+0.3%in growth rate is 11 actuals exceed forecasts. Black business confidence reflects market-expected growth was recorded, if the consumer spending recovery is expected to spread, the dollar buying materials to get.

Expected range:108 yen 50 sen−110 yen 50 sen《FA》

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