Forex weekly Outlook: the dollar is higher in the transition from the safety of the flight to yen selling to continue even

*15:19JST exchange rates weekly Outlook: the dollar is higher in the transition from the safety of the flight to yen selling to continue even
【Last summary】
■In Japan the virus spread in yen selling strong

Last week the dollar・yen is rising. 2 on 17 November published in Japan 10-12 September period gross domestic product [GDP]primary preliminary estimates, the year-year rate of 6.3%and market expectations significantly lower, and in Japan the new coronavirus infection of the growing safety of flight and buy USD・JPY sell Active was. Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda is”新型肺炎 impact on the Japanese economy large spread, it is monetary policy, we must also consider,”he said and also dollars to buy material and was. Dollar・yen is 20 days of the Western market in the 112 yen 23 sen rose.

21 days of New York in the market this day, was announced 2 November U.S. manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index [PMI] preliminary and 2 month U.S. service sector Purchasing Managers ‘ Index [PMI] preliminary estimates are both below market expectations, and concerns of a slowdown in the U.S. economy is strong, the position adjustment by selling dollars, but the dominance was. Us long-term interest rates decline and the leader is also the price the material was. Dollar・yen is temporary 111 yen 47 sen in the fall, and 111 yen 57 sen in this week’s trading finished. Dollar・yen trading range:109 yen 66 sen−112 yen 23 sen.

■The dollar is high at the transition from the safety of the flight to yen selling to continue even

This week the dollar・yen is high steady. In Japan, a new type of coronavirus infection is expanding, and the future of the Japanese economy is concerned, the”safety of the flight to yen selling”continues, the dollar index is weaker in the direction being. The dollar increase of the pace is quick and the view out, even though the U.S. economic indicators improve in the favorable for the dollar I observed, the dollar・yen is the higher of the market deployment potential.

In Japan, a viral infection that affected Japanese companies in response to the deterioration is inevitable, consumer spending is further depressed May from this safe and currency [asset]is considered for the Japanese yen is a risk currency[assets] to and changing. The Bank of Japan by early additional easing speculation has emerged that,buy USD・sell JPY and to promote The contribute to the meal. The Federal Open Market Committee [FOMC]of the proceedings [1 November 28-29, hosted by the minutes]”the new coronavirus infection of expansion a new threat”view is presented, the market participants, the majority of”and monetary accommodation is needed to not”judge this,the high dollar and depreciation of the yen, the progression of contribute to.
2 on 27 November announcement of the 10-12 year on year gross domestic product [GDP]revised value is the same as the initial estimate of annualized+2.1%from+2.2% and the upward revision is expected. The major economies of the U.S. economy is relatively strong and that the Chinese government funding support of the company by other economic stimulus to the expectation but also the risk appetite of dollar buying and yen selling which may encourage the.

[US・1onnewly-builthousingunitsforsale】[26dayswillbeannounced] 26 announced of USD 1 January new home sales number is 71 million last year, with 12 months of 69. 4 million households expected to exceed. 1 month building approvals remain at a high level, and housing related indicators are strong. Market expectations and
If they match,dollar-buying factor.

[US・10-12monthperiodgrossdomesticproduct[GDP]revision】[27dayswillbeannounced] 27 November announcement of the US 10-12 year on year gross domestic product [GDP]revised value annualized+2.2%, the preliminary estimate of+2.1%from an upward revision is expected. The Eurozone and the Japanese economy is slowing, the US economy is 2 percent to maintain the growth rate, and market expectations and matching it to buy dollars to swing prospects.

Expected range:110 yen 50 sen−113 yen 50 sen《FA》

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