Forex weekly Outlook: the dollar is sluggish,the FOMC minutes of the meetings, such as Clue material

*14:57JST exchange rates weekly Outlook: the dollar is sluggish,the FOMC minutes of the meetings, such as Clue material
■U.S. long-term interest rates rise to consciousness as the dollar strength, including

This week the dollar・yen is strong including. Us long-term interest rates rise, conscious of the risk appetite approach, as it sought for. Trump U.S. additional economic measures the President signed a decree accepting that America’s economic prospects are improving. The US economic indicators in the 8 month 11 days of the announcement 7 producer price index (PPI)and 12 announcement of 7 January Consumer Price Index (CPI)is either exceeded market expectations. Also, the 13 announcement of weekly jobless claims is 3 since mid-January for the first time the 100 million interrupts. Indicators of improvement in U.S. long-term interest rates rise, prompting the dollar to buy the material was.

14 day New York foreign exchange market dollar・yen is temporary 106 yen 44 sen fell. This day was announced 7 months of U.S. retail sales are below market expectations for sales dominance was. So, and then announced 8 November University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index preliminary figures exceeded market expectations and, from a risk-averse dollar sell・yen, buy the potions. Dollar・yen 106 yen 58 sen in this week’s trading finished. Trading range:105 yen and 71 sen−107 yen 05 Sen.

【Next week’s Outlook】
■The dollar is sluggish,the FOMC minutes of the meetings, such as Clue material

Next week the dollar・yen is sluggish. The United States of 7 August payrolls,expected to strong content, this was a short-sighted approach to risk avoidance for the purpose of selling dollars positions eliminate the movement could continue. 7 month 1 days the highs of 108 yen 16 per share in dollars of the rise there is room for it, but the 8 on May 19 announced that the Federal Open Market Committee(FOMC)minutes of the meetings, the economic Outlook cautious opinion more if you dollars to buy back the movement difficulties, and prospects.

The US of additional economic measures of scale for the top administration and the Democratic leadership of the talks are proving difficult, and that US-China confrontation sharpened in a further dollar rise, it is suppressed that would. The European Union (EU) Reconstruction Fund was founded against the backdrop of a strong Euro also continued attention to. 1 Euro=1.19 USD in the range of a half strength contains after is profit to pressed ones,1.17 dollar in the bargain-hunting have been observed. Some of the factors in the strength of the Euro・US dollar, if the dollar・yen upper limit is somewhat heavy and may.

【The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)minutes of the meetings】 (8 month 19 days will be announced)
The FED is 8 on 19 December to 7 January 28-29 October Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)minutes of the meetings are scheduled to be made public. Dovish-leaning posture is clear that further accommodative policy measures to the speculation spread, the Euro buying・dollar selling factors may be.

20 announcement of 8 November Philadelphia Fed Business Conditions Survey (manufacturing index)is 21. 0 and the previous month, results below forecasts. Viral infection of the re-expansion by the manufacturing sector has 7 months of recovery to maintain difficult and speculation are spreading. Therefore, below market expectations, if the risk appetite by buying dollars receding prospects”.

Expectations:105 yen 00 Sen−108 yen 00 Sen《FA》

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