Former BiS Pooh Louis establishes company and forms new group

Former leader of the female idol group BiS, Phu Rui, 29, has announced that it has set up a company and will create a new group.

Poo Rui said on the official website on June 6 that "We have launched a company with the investment of WACK Corporation President Watanabe, and I have formed a new group in the form of president, producer and member." Announcement. The group name was "Idol Laboratories [tentative]".

About the new group, "I'm an idol group who loves idols and researches idols to try to become the idol of their own. To the world. " "I've been an idol for 10 years, but I'm new to being a producer, so I'm hoping to create a group with the members!"

It also announced that a new group member audition would be held on February 2.

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