Former director Tomouchi Tomouchi of American Football Sekigaku University advertised himself on a web program

Mr. Hideaki Toriuchi [61], former director of the American Football Club of Seki Gakuin University, and Tomoyuki Ninomaru [40], a professional coach who coaches rugby powerhouse Minoru Gosho [Nara], etc. What do you do at home now !? "

Mr. Toriuchi preached the importance of the image to worried student athletes at a project by "MG Sports" launched by MBS [Mainichi Broadcasting]. We recommend having the same image as a means to have a common consciousness. He suggested looking back at the images and saying, "It's very difficult [to convey your thoughts] unless you say," Because I made a mistake like this, I will practice like this. " However, at the end of the program, I also remembered to introduce my book to students, saying "Please read the book".

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