Former Kalafina's Wakana is a one-man live

Former “Kalafina” member and singer Wakana [age undisclosed] performed a one-man live “Wakana Winter Special Live 2019 ~ Blink ~” at Umeda Club Quattro in Osaka on the 8th.

Wakana says, “Percussion, keyboard and guitar are organized, and there are songs that have an acoustic atmosphere, and there are songs that everyone can sing together lively.” Original songs such as “Akino Sakura” released in November, and “Silent Night” after Christmas. A total of 18 songs were sung, including songs from the Kalafina era.

In the intermission, he commented, “Aizuya's takoyaki was delicious!” The local gourmet food in Osaka was also enjoyed.

Wakana will be celebrating his birthday on the 10th, but on the same day, he will be performing live in Tokyo, Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka.

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