Former Kobushi Rei Inoue joins Juice = Juice

Former Kobushi Factory Reon Inoue [18], who had a dissolution concert last month, had the same Hello on the 1st! It has been announced that the project will join Juice = Juice.

The latest single from the group, Karin Miyamoto [21], announcing his graduation in June, will be released live on YouTube's official channel to release the last single "Pop Music / Let's Say I Love You!" In the second half of the live MC, leader Tomoko Kanazawa [24] announced that he had joined Inoue.

Inoue did not appear in the live, but entrusted his enthusiasm to Kanazawa. "I have just joined Juice = Juice. I'm Reon Inoue." "I still have a lot of things to study, hone myself, do convincing performances, and make an effort. I hope we can make our dream come true as Juice = Juice. I'll do my best so that you can think of it! Thank you very much in the future! "

Inoue held a dissolution concert in the previous group on the 30th, but did not disclose his future activities. From June, when Miyamoto graduates, he will be active as a member.

The live music featured four songs: "Pop Music", "Let's Love", "Borderline", and "Va-Va-Voom". Originally, a public mini-live was scheduled to be held on the first day of the release date, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was canceled, and an immediate audience event was held, and it was decided to broadcast live on YouTube.

The new single "Pop Music" is KAN's new song cover, and "I like it" is written by Aoi Yamazaki.

In addition, Juice = Juice's ballad "The Following STORY" was newly re-recorded featuring Miyamoto, and Symphonic Vwesion Feat. Recorded as Karin.

In the regular editions A and B, two songs, "Borderlibe" and "Va-Va-Voom", which had already been performed at the live of Juice = Juice, have been recorded as the first sound sources as Additional @ Track.

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