Former Nadeshiko Kei Rina Maruyama "follows" men instead of balls

Former Japan Football Women's National Team and talent Rina Maruyama [36] attended a character goods presentation of disabled soccer [CP soccer] held at Adidas Futsal Park Kawasaki in Kawasaki City on the 14th. Said.

About three years have passed since his retirement in 2016, and Maruyama said about the recent situation, "I'm full of things I haven't done yet. Since I only kicked the ball [tama], it was really fun to live without a ball." He was pleased to be released from the absurd athlete era, as he was able to take medicine he could not take.

On the 26th of this year, he will celebrate his 37th birthday. When asked about his goal, he said, "I want to strengthen my ankles because I live on a round earth. I want to be able to step on whatever happens." Earlier, a fortune teller, Getters Iida, told me that she was going to marry in 20 years, but she consulted with the press with a serious expression, "There is nothing. Where do you appear?" "I have no choice but to chase [male]," he said, "I've already stopped chasing the ball."

Regarding his favorite type, he replied in a meaningful way, "A person with strong teeth is good because he is weak. A person who can cut anything." He appealed to the fact that he was not a soccer player or celebrity, and he said that he was saying, "But I can't be impatient. I'll fall in a hole. I'll be myself."

At the event, he also showed a T-shirt designed by Maruyama himself to promote the use of seven-player soccer [CP soccer] by cerebral palsy. He has always had a passion for painting, such as drawing four-frame comics, and when he played the soccer in March last year, he came up with the imagination of "falling down." "I dazzled and drew it on the [moving] Shinkansen from Shinagawa to Shin-Osaka." In soccer, in front of the goal, they say, "In front of the goal, they pass by others rather than hitting themselves," but as designers, they show that they want to paint what they want, even if they are not cute. He was keen on "I would like to do it if there is an opportunity" for the work of designers in apparel-related areas.

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