Former rugby representative Gitau "It's a mistake" Hana Kimura memorial

Following the death of Hana Kimura [22], a female professional wrestler who belongs to Stardom, comments from other athletes have been received. SO Matt Gitau [37], a former rugby Australian representative who played at Suntory until this season, updated his Twitter account on the 23rd. I wrote my thoughts in Japanese.

"To understand the damage people can do on the internet, think back and be positive before sending a bad comment. If you can't be positive, don't follow him. Never met. It's a mistake for people to say that. ''

In addition to "RIPHana Kimura" with a hash tag, it was a memorial service.

Gitau is a global command tower that boasts 103 caps as an Australian representative and has participated in the World Cup three times. He has been active in Suntory since 2017.

Several players playing in Japan also made their thoughts on SNS. Yoshikazu Fujita [26 = Panasonic], a Japanese national team candidate for the Tokyo Olympics seven-person system, which was postponed in 2009, has updated his Twitter account. In response to libelous defamation, "I'm really scared of words … I think there are things that you shouldn't write even if you're anonymous … I sincerely hope that more people will be able to find it! "And commented," I wish you all the best. "

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