Former SKE Kaori Matsumura marries a general man "information leaked"

Former SKE48 Kaori Matsumura [30] announced on March 28 that he would marry a general man.

Announcing the video "We announced marriage!" "It's been a year and a half since I graduated from SKE48, but I really appreciate all the fans for their support," he said, "I will continue to work without quitting. I'm very happy to hear that."

He confessed that he had made a hurry this morning and said, "I had a little leak at midnight yesterday." In an interview article with BUBUKA, a magazine released on the 30th, he talked about the process leading to marriage, but said that information was leaked. "I didn't want to put it out at 9am, but this isn't up. Don't just give it up, give me the information!"

The other person is a general man, and he says, "I am an ordinary employee." "It's such a form, but I'm a little relieved to report it," he said. "Because Kaotan is everyone's katan, please continue to support me~".

Matsumura passed the third-year audition in 2009 and made his theater debut in May 2010. In 2013, he became a life honorary research student, and in 2014, he became the chairman of the AKB48 Group Research Student Association. Promoted to Team K2 in 2015. In September 2018, she announced her graduation at a performance held at the Nagoya International Congress Center Century Hall. The activity ended with the graduation performance in May 2019. After graduation, he is active freelance.

In synchronism with Akari Suda [28], she sings from the unfavorable circumstances in the duet song “Here Ippatsu” until the two are rewarded. It is known by the nickname "Kaotan" and the wild character.

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