Founding 400 years of cotton and a half, each business features of our”match the age of the spirit”in the highest revenue update to the challenge

Watahan & Co., or 1 month 10 days,the mainstay of our retail business in 2019, 12 month trends announced. 12 month warm winter heating supplies were weak for the year-on-year store sales 94. 1%, same-store sales 94. 1% and the sluggish performance, the current cumulative[2019 Year 4-12 months]in the store 116. 4% Same-Store 98. Was 2%.

【Here】Marubeni,cash flow management and growing investment in the net profit by more than 3000 billion yen aiming for

Cotton semi-Nobunaga ODA’s vassal, but after the Honnouji incident,Iida City, Nagano Prefecture to the huddled, and in 1598 cotton merchants established around the world. Family from generation to generation”綿屋 半三郎”name from the”cotton”half of our name, and Edo is the Iida clan your lederhosen as a merchant and prospered. Meiji cataclysm period in cotton from the iron to change up to now,different industries accept to live with the transformation of growth,retail business,construction business,the trade business of the 3 segments has a group of companies developed into.

By 2019 3 months ended sales of 1,064 billion. Segment net sales to home centers, supermarkets, Internet shopping and other retail business 63. 3% as multi-storey car Park and wooden house construction, landscaping construction business is 32. 1%, pharmaceutical raw material, import, chemical feedstocks imports of trade business 4. 4% accounted for.

“Fit”under the banner of the people,vassals and together,to defend a region, the region contributed to the development of. The philosophy of inheriting,employees and the surrounding people of talent to match”the combined age of the spirit”in the society we aim to contribute to the cotton half-watching the movements of the.

■The previous fiscal year[to 2019 3-month fiscal period] and current prospects

Previous fiscal year sales of 1,064 billion yen [year-on-year 4. 0%increase], ordinary income of 25 billion yen [the same 0. 2%increase] and either record to update. Business segment of the resource allocation decision, performance evaluation criteria and segment profit 34. 9 billion [+0..4% increase] was.

Business segments segment income breakdown as supermarkets, home centers,perishable goods and business type of the store display shelf, common,logo and distribution of standardized,large-scale shop closed such as the rationalization of cost to retail is 2. 6 billion yen.

On the other hand, the large orders of the strong and the robots in the introduction of productivity improvements in the construction 0. 9 billion, an increase of imports, drug production stabilization, quality improvement,scale expansion and organic products to expand sales through trade in 1 billion yen. Other logistics costs such as rationalization and unprofitable stores closed by the company in the 0. 8 billion yen of cost reduction there was.

Now half [4-9 month] net sales 58.8 billion yen [year-to-year comparison 17. 8%increase], ordinary income of 10 billion yen [the same 3. 5% increase] results in this fiscal year, sales of 1,to 14.2 billion yen [year-on-year 7. 3% increase], ordinary income of 28 billion yen [the same 12. 2%increase] expects.

■Mid-term management plan[year 2020 3 month period ~ 2022 Years 3 months]domestic promotion strategy

Each business features of utilizing the stability and growth of your business structure to create by 2022 Year 3 months ended net sales 1,200 billion yen [for Year 12. 8%increase], ordinary income of 3.2 billion yen [the same 28. 0%increase] the aim of the following strategies to promote.

●1. Retail business

・EDLP[Every Day Low Price]×EDLC [Low Cost] strategy: everyday low prices in flyers, advertising expenditure reduction. Display rack, shelves, logistics commonality, productivity by daily low-cost promoting.

・Real store of value improvement: from the port Seafood Direct Mail and local products enhancing freshness, improving the sticking of prepared foods, sweets of private branding.

・Internet expansion: by 2018 12 months on appliances Internet Abel Internet acquisitions professional construction materials also on sale.

●2. Construction business

・Manufacturers of construction to transformation: a self-propelled multistory Parking garage in-house promotion.

・Factory automation to improve productivity: automation robotics in cooperation with the shortened construction period,reduce costs.

●3. Trade business

・Bulk pharmaceutical production stabilization,quality: profitable refining method of development.

・Handling of active pharmaceutical ingredients to double the number of system maintenance: the production processing of the expanded and new areas to enter.

・Natural organic products expanded: cosmetics from the center of the food to expand.

“The combined age of the spirit”is rising steadily performance stretch cotton-half of the movement, we want to focus on. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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