FR sports sedan equipped with the famous 4A-GGA60 Carina sedan

Karina has gained popularity as a hardcore sporty sedan since its appearance in 1970. The actor Shinichi Chiba is used as an image character, and the catchphrase "good feet" is impressive.

3The third generation, which appeared in September 1981, will continue to use Shinichi Chiba. The catalog states, "Because my feet are good, my heart is light." It inherits the sporty route.

While wearing a sedan and a coupe body, it had a wide range of engine variations from 1.5L to 2L at the time of its debut, but it is still a popular DOHC model. The 1600GT equipped with a 1588cc 2T-GEU type, the 1770cc turbo added in October 1982, and the 1800GT-T and GT-TR equipped with a 3T-GTEU type share the popularity.

Furthermore, in May 1983, the famous model 4A-GEU was installed instead of the 2T-GEU. The sedan 1600GT & GT-R, which has the same engine as the AE86 Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno, has a strong image of the Hachiroku 4-door version. Of course, the Corolla also had a sedan GT equipped with a 4A-G type, but the 80 Series Corolla sedan adopted FF. As a result, the only 4A-GEU type FR sedan was the Carina and her brother, Corona.

車 Although the weight of the car is larger than that of Hachiroku, the light FR feel is still alive. The four-wheel independent suspension legs, front struts and rear semi-trailing arms, convey the joy of FR. The pleasure that cannot be enjoyed with the recent FR, which has become heavier, is the real pleasure of this sedan.

The GT and GT-T seats are common and provide modest side support. As an option, the GT-R and GT-TR were able to select standard sports seats.

The instrument panel has a common design for both the sedan and the coupe. The leather-wound three-spoke steering wheel is exclusively for GT series. GT and GT-R have "TWINCAM16", and GT-T and GT-TR have "TWINCAM turbo" in red.

The operation panel of the air conditioner is dial type. The genuine audio has an AM / FM multi-tuner in the upper section and a cassette deck in the lower section.

The meters with red needles from the right are a fuel gauge, a tachometer, an oil thermometer, a speedometer, and a water thermometer. The tachometer is yellow from 7300 rpm and red zone from 7700 rpm.

Great machine 4A-GEU type engine. Four valves are arranged for each cylinder to improve intake efficiency and valve followability at high speeds. In addition, Toyota's original intake control "T-VIS" is adopted. Equipped with two intake manifolds, one of which opens and closes according to the engine speed, achieving stable combustion over the entire range.

84-year Carina Sedan 1600GT [E-AA63-AEMQF type]

Length × Width × Height [mm] 4390 × 1650 × 1400
Wheelbase [mm] 2500
Before / after tread [mm] 1395/1385
Minimum ground clearance [mm] 165
Vehicle weight [kg] 1085
Riding capacity 5 people
Minimum turning radius [m] 5.0
Engine model 4A-GEU type
Engine type In-line 4-cylinder DOHC
Total displacement [cc] 1587
Bore x stroke [mm] 81.0 x 77.0
Compression ratio 9.4: 1
Maximum output [ps / rpm, JIS] 130/6600
Maximum torque [kg-m / rpm] 15.2 / 5200
Transmission 1st 3.587 / 2nd 2.022 / 3rd 1.384 /
4-speed 1.000 / 5-speed 0.861 / reverse 3.484
Final reduction ratio 4.300
Steering type Rack & pinion
Before suspension Strut type coil
After suspension Semi trailing arm coil
Before / after brake Ventilated disc / disc
Tire 185 / 70SR14 [both front and rear]Price at the time of release 1.489 million yen

Hachimaru Hero May 2009 vol.11 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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