Frame interpolation software “ Dain-App '' that moves animation and movies slimy using AI


Frame interpolation software “ Dain-App '' that moves animation and movies slimy using AI

frame rateSoftware that can smoothly interpolate frames even with low-moving videos and express them “Dain-AppIs published as an alpha version. AMD's Fluid Motion and NVIDIA's SVP are known as frame interpolation technologies, but Dain-App says,DAIN”Recognizes the depth of the space in the video, and implements frame interpolation using AI that samples objects closer to the viewer than objects farther away and interpolates intermediate frames.

Dain-App [Alpha 0.1] by GRisk

The same video is divided in half, the original video is on the left side, and the video processed by Dain-App is on the right side.

Interpolating Guldies animation to 60 FPS-YouTube [/ embed]

When you stop the video and look at each frame, you can clearly see that the intermediate frames are interpolated by Dain-App. At first, a ball is floating in the air at the same place, but when you advance the video for one frame, …

In the original video without frame interpolation, the sphere dropped considerably down, whereas in the video interpolated with Dain-App, the sphere stayed on the upper side due to frame interpolation.

After moving forward the video for several frames, the sphere of the video interpolated by Dain-App caught up with the sphere of the original video.

This is a video in which animation by dot picture is frame-interpolated by Dain-App. The original video on the left isGIF animationThe movie on the right after frame interpolation is moving smoothly.

Interpolating Pixel Art and Sprites with AI.- YouTube [/ embed]

Comparative videos using animation drawn with cels and CG are also available. Video34 secondsNearby1 minute 50 secondsAt a glance, you can see at a glance that the wings and hair of the character are flowing smoothly.

Turning ANIME to 60 FPS using AI!-YouTube

But,3 minutes 33 secondsThe depiction of the finger has collapsed in the vicinity, suggesting that Dain-App is an alpha version.

Flip mangaEven hand-drawn style animations such as can be neatly interpolated.

Turning animations to 60fps using AI!-YouTube [/ embed]

Dain-App,FFmpeg,VapourSynthIt looks like this when comparing the original video with the video that frame-interpolated one scene of the movie.1 minute 47 secondsIf you look at the movement of many creatures that come out in the vicinity, it is easy to see that the video processed with Dain-App is moving most slimy.

Comparing DAIN interpolation with classic interpolation in Ray Harryhausen stop motions.- YouTube [/ embed]

Similar to NVIDIA's frame interpolation technology SVP, DAIN, it is AI-based frame interpolation technologysepconvCompared to, the video processed by Dain-App moves more smoothly than the one processed by SVP,13 secondsNearby23 secondsThe impression that there are many places where the movement of the character is broken, such as the movement of a hand nearby.

Comparing SVP interpolation with AI solutions in anime.- YouTube [/ embed]

Dain-App works with NVIDIACUDAA compatible GPU is required. It is an alpha version at the time of article creation, and the size of the software itself is quite large, about 1 GB, but it is said that it aims to improve in future updates.

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