"Franken" re-run for the first time in 3 years, starring in double cast

A public lesson for the musical "Frankenstein" [8-30] was held at the Nissay Theater in Hibiya, Tokyo on the 7th. This is a work on the theme of love and friendship over artificial monsters, premiered in Japan in 2017, and is the first replay in three years.

The leading role of the scientist is a double cast by Akinori Nakagawa [37] and Hayato Kakizawa [32]. Speaking of Nakagawa's "Reproduction after the premiere that the customer was impressed. I want to deepen further," Kakizawa said, "I did it with momentum, but this time on the stage with new members and more energy." I said. The role of the monster is Kazuki Kato and Ryoo Konishi, a double cast.

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