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Free delivery of over 1,000 episodes of anime for a limited time! Animated YouTube channel “TV Tokyo Official Adele Channel” opened.


TV TOKYO has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to animation, "TV TOKYO Official Adere Channel."

■ A collection of popular anime

This channel has a limited edition of over 1,000 episodes, including "FAIRY TAIL", "Fruit Basket 1st season", "Ace of Diamond", and the short anime "Yamiboshi" series that have been broadcast on TV Tokyo so far. To deliver for free.

The works to be distributed will be developed in a wide lineup, including those for kids and those that can be enjoyed by adults. Distribution started on January 27, 2020 (Monday). It is a good opportunity to enjoy works that you have missed in the past as many times as you want during the period.

■ Delivery works on January 27 (Mon)
・ Diamond A
·raid! Squid girl
・ Invention Pikachin Kit
・ Rabitz Invasion

■ Works to be distributed
・ Fruit basket 1st season
・ "Dark Show" series (2nd to 7th period), World's Dark Picture Book
・ Invasion!
・ GO! GO! Atom
Other works will be distributed!

TV Tokyo Official Adele Channel

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