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Free distribution period of Asahi Shimbun's digital version "Sazae-san" has been extended! Furthermore, the latest 10 volumes are newly added.


Volume 1, 7-9 volumes of digital version "Sazae-san" which Asahi Shimbun published for free for a limited time of March 2020. Given the continued demand for self-restraint and longer hours at home, it has been decided to extend the free distribution period until the end of April. In addition, 10 free volumes of "Sazae-san" released on April 7 will be released.

"Sazae-san" is available for free on the comic site "Sonorama Plus" published by Asahi Shimbun. There is no troublesome member registration and anyone can enjoy it freely.

■ What is the comic "Sazae-san"?

The manga "Sazae-san" to be released this time is a reprint of the out-of-print original version of the phantom that was released and sold out by the publisher "Sisters Company" established by Machiko Hasegawa.

Until now, Machiko Hasegawa's manga has not been converted into an e-book, and this free release is intended for children who have been closed due to the spread of the new corona infection and for people who have difficulty going out. It is being implemented with the cooperation of the child art museum.

"Sazae-san" Volume 1, 7-10 free public page

"Sazae-san" series details

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Sazae-san Volume 10
Machiko Hasegawa
Asahi Shimbun Publishing

Sazae's comic 1-9 volume set
Machiko Hasegawa
Asahi Shimbun Publishing

Sazae and Machiko Hasegawa 2020 Spring (Weekly Asahi Special)
Machiko Hasegawa
Asahi Shimbun Publishing

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