Freelance, the future will actively use 7 crack the professionalism and fluidity reasons

IT, AI era in the workforce of a securitization, experts point to the need for a long time. Already abroad, many freelance are working with. In the world the companies belonging to the meaning is diluted, and companies involved in the project about their own expertise to enhance the career of new ways of working so as to be said.

However, Japan is still seniority・the lifetime employment system and the personnel・labor practices in the mainstream labor market, liquidation is insufficient still. Freelance income is unstable and social security system there is also a big challenge to say that. Freelance participation in order to still many challenges remain, the current state of freelance personnel what is going on in there………. why.

Human resources business consultant of BNG Partners is 3 months, their trading companies 77 companies of companies”outsourcing・freelance 人財活用 survey”was conducted, and results are on the 15th released.

According to reports”in the past 1 year in outsourcing・freelance use you to”do for”you”and percentage of firms affected is 44. 2%,”No”is 55. 8 percent.

“Last 1 year how many use the question”for”1-4 people”is 36. 7%,”5-9 name”is 36. 7%,”more than 10″is 26. 7%and last 1 year in more than 5 people for outsourcing human resources by utilizing a company that is 60%or more.

Use outsourcing・Freelance Jobs about that,”engineer”is 61. 6%and the most often, followed by”sales and marketing”18. 5%,”designer”is 9. 3%,”corporate planning”is 3. 1%, the”accounting”3.1%,”writer”3.1%,”other web-based profession”0.8 percent.

Use one,”great many people”32.3%”employment is fluid”32.3%,”employees adoption of stringent”16.1%,”expertise”13.0%,”haste was necessary for the”6.4 percent.

The future utilization of its intention to have”active use”65.6%to over 6% as the most,then”it would be”21.9%,”and that they”6.3%,”good talent is if the”3.1%,”take no increase”3.1%, and 8% greater is prospective only.

Talent is difficult to secure in the highly specialized human resources who evaluates the employment of liquidation is slightly ahead here. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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