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From Lv.1 to Lv.40 in one week! DQ Walk's Metal Festival is God Ibe-Engadget Japan Version

The event “Metal Festival” will be held at “Dragon Quest Walk [DQ Walk]”. The period is from January 14 to January 28 at 14:59. As the title suggests, it was an event that grew from Lv.1 to Lv.40 in one lap, so I will tell you the greatness.

▲ Wander around the city following the “flock of metal” displayed on the map.

First of all, as a way of playing the event, you can fight against metal monsters that can earn a lot of experience value by entering the area called “metal flock” that appears on the map. The appearance of metal monsters depends on the average level of the current party. After a certain time or several battles, the "Metal Swarm" will disappear.

The event has a system called "Metal Radar". The count decreases by the number of metal monsters defeated, and when the count reaches zero, the "Metal Flock" will no longer be displayed on the map.

The reduced count will be recovered with mission rewards and daily logins [updated at 3am]. Also, if you defeat a metal monster that you encounter in an area other than the "Metal Swarm", the count will decrease.

As soon as I read the rules, it was an impression that "it's basically an event that doesn't taste so good because there are 10 animals a day." However, when I actually played it, the impression turned upside down.

■ Metal radar that accumulates in Janjan

First of all, the 10 counts of metal radars that are recovered once a day will be added to the next day even if they are not consumed on that day. So, if you don't play, you will accumulate 10-> 20-> 30. I couldn't play DQ walk on a business trip a few days abroad, so I accumulated about 40 counts and played after returning home.

The first thing I noticed about earning experience points in the “Metal Swarm” was that the rewards for completing the mission were unexpectedly large. Complete missions such as "Let's be more than a step away", "Let's defeat monsters" and "Let's touch the reef spot" once to get a Metal Radar count.

So, as I walked to consume the count, I was playing while having the worries that the more I walked, the more the count would accumulate with rewards.

By the way, there is also a mission to “Escape the metal monsters 〇〇 times”, so there was no regret as much as the detached metal that escaped escaped.

■ Metasura dungeon is also amazing

Metal Hoimin has appeared in the limited time sub quest "Weekend Metal Dungeon". Defeat Metal Hoimin to gain 21,000 experience points. This is the experience value twice as much as the stray metal.

In addition, you can play regular "Weekend Metal Dungeon" only once a week, but you can try 3 times. Moreover, even if you kill a metal monster in the dungeon, the radar count is not consumed.

I just completed "Metal Flock" and "Weekend Metal Dungeon", and the new profession that I started to train for a career change from Lv.1 to Lv.40 in one lap.

It takes many months to grow to Lv.40 in normal play, but it will be reached in a week. It is a terrible event. If you want to change jobs immediately after releasing a senior job, you should definitely attend this event.

Engadget▲ By the way, the training party now looks like this. I want to be Lv.50 soon!


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