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From Maybelline's “No Falling Lip”, Ashley Longshore's collaboration package “Maybelin SP Stay Matt Ink Ashley Longshore collection” is available online only!

A pop and cute limited package!

Maybelline Limited collection that is pop and bold with "Ashley Longshore" attracting attention in the contemporary art world from New YorkMaybelline SP Stay Matt Ink Ashley Longshore collection AL15 / AL20 / AL70Is limited online! I tried the topical lip color with "# Lips that won't fall"!

“ # Lip that does not fall '' of topic boiling on SNS

Maybelline New YorkIs a cosmetic brand established in 1914 with a New York style and playfulness.Maybelline SP Stay Matte ink seriesIt is a topic that the color as it is is highly colored on the mat and continues until it is dropped"#Lip that won't fall. It also features an arrow applicator brush with a thin tip that makes it easy to apply without protruding.

Maybelline SP Stay Matt Ink Ashley Longshore collection AL15 / AL20 / AL70 (5.0ml, suggested retail price 1,500 yen without tax, single item December 13, 2019 Amazon / Rakuten / @ cosme3 color kit November 19 Lohaco / November 21 @cosme release)Three limited designs include the popular popular color 15/20 and the explosive popular brown color 70.

“Ashley Longshore”, a limited-edition designer, is one of the artists responsible for contemporary art. A unique and lively bold style has been loved by various celebrities, and has attracted attention in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper ’s Bazaar in the US and abroad, and is active all over the world.

Does it really fall? I tried 3 kinds of limited colors!

First, let's try the explosively popular brown color “AL70” overseas.

I imagined the texture for a little heavy, but the feeling of wearing will grow if you lighten it unexpectedly. You can see from the photos that the color is quite high!

The paint is a little sticky, but if you dry it well, it will be smooth even if you touch it. If applied lightly, it dries in 1-2 minutes. However, it takes about 5 minutes to apply it thickly and the lips stick together, so it seems better to remove the excess tissue.

The impression is not dark though it is a calm color with no lips floating. A slightly reddish brown for adults, easy to use in the office. Use it lightly for office use, and attach it firmly to enjoy after-five! ♪ Even dress-up should be chic and not too flashy! I felt it was the easiest color to use as a reporter.

Next, let ’s take a look at the finish of “AL15”.

Gorgeous dull pink adult color. Even if you feel it is natural, it will become a little darker when matted, and it will color well.

For both casual and formal. It adds a slightly modest impression from blue to pink.

Finally, the finish of “AL20”.

The color is dark red and even a little color develops. Gradually from the inside of the lips for gradation. It's also good when you want to be more fashionable than when you use it everyday, or when you want to look sexy!

The color you care about! ?

Let's check discoloration with a paper cup!

Almost no color! When it was painted darkly, it did not stick to the mug, but in the case of a material that sticks easily to the lips, such as a paper cup, the color faded slightly, so it seems that the point is to spread it lightly and dry it firmly. By the way, just washing it with soap did not remove it while it was still colored, so be sure to use cleansing to turn it off!

I went out with it on and tried to see if it would fall even with a meal. After rinsing oily noodles, wipe the lips with a paper napkin. When I looked at the mirror to the extent that it was a little bit colored, it kept the same color. Then about 9 hours to return home. Even if you drink coffee or water, it does not fall.

Purchase is possible only online! 3 color kit: November 19 (Tuesday) Lohaco / November 21 (Thursday) @cosme ・ Single item: December 13 (Friday) Amazon / Rakuten / Lohaco / @ cosme

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