From now on, even between the fits! For the future of the asset management getting started~the important”goal setting”and”risk dispersion”(2) ~

*21:37JST now from time! For the future of the asset management getting started~the important”goal setting”and”risk dispersion”[2] ~
Last time, Asset Management at the beginning of the”what for how much money you need”as the goal setting is important to tell us. This continued”mutual funds”focusing on the asset management about the visit.

■Important”risk dispersion”
Goal setting on it is important to spread the risk, and that it is. More specifically,”shares”・”the bonds”・”REIT [real estate]”investment target assets, investment target”country・region”to just that.

1 one of the assets of the country or region for more intensive investment, if the 1 one on the big profit you can get,the Selection will fail, burdened with huge losses that this may cause you. If you have distributed, on the other hand the benefit it has on the other hand there was no loss even if you cover the loss of you.

However, the mutual funds Oppenheimer is also quite a lot of funds. For example, Fidelity Securities are currently more than 600 of the Fund dealing with it. More than 600 of the Fund, from which Fund to choose,what kind of distribution is incorporated that thinking is difficult.
Portfolio navigation tool, handling the Fund to the”domestic shares””international shares”,”domestic bonds”,”overseas bonds”,”domestic List”,”international list”of the 6 categories,it reduces the risk of certain assets excessively concentrated, so that customers of each to be optimal with such Fund of the combination and allocation to suggest that it is.

Another 1 risk diversification is a matter of”time dispersion”in. Of course, the cheaper the timing, bought in high at the timing you can sell it to get the most benefit you can. However, prices look cheap at the timing of buying and investment experience and knowledge is the degree of difficulty is high. The market is to rise and some to fall, when there…… Long-term assets in the form case,the time to disperse the purchase price leveling, high in as may reduce the risk.

■”The online 0%Declaration”
Long-term investment when the Fund purchases a fee also check the items you want at me. Fidelity Securities, I don’t really see the”online 0%the program”to conduct, and online on”the online 0%Declaration”and the Internet Fund at the time of purchase there is no charge for it.

The market changes on a daily basis for optimal portfolio [risk minimization]but also the fluctuation of the market in conjunction with the daily changes. Therefore, regularly review the portfolio,the Fund it’s important to them. Review the portfolio,asset reallocation and thought when,at the time of purchase commissions from that, and thankfully this is.

We visited for Fidelity Securities it may,at the feet purchase fee-free movement across the country but has no will. This opportunity in asset management to consider that opportunity too. Also, music by the mutual Fund satisfaction ranking and in 2019, the 1st, as mentioned in the Fidelity Securities’t you. 2nd place SBI Securities I,No. 3 Monex, Inc. is and was. Also,please try to reference.

I also for the future,savings and other asset formation from now on and starting I think it.
Mr. Yamamoto,in your busy schedule and tell you, thank you.

“From now on, even between the fits! For the future of the asset management primer”, the coverage in the record belongs to the reporter by their own views in the comment. 《US》

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