From now on, even between the fits! For the future of the asset management primer~feet in popularity for investment is~

*17:01JST now from time! For the future of the asset management primer~feet in popularity for investment is~
Old age and future assets must be prepared and have a sense of crisis is growing, and one for NISA[tax-free cumulative investment agreement pertaining to the small investment tax exemption system]and iDeCo [individual-type defined-contribution pension plans], such as tax benefits received can the mechanism take advantage of the spread and the trend”from savings to investment”will in the world, little by little penetration you get.

Asset management as a method of stocks and real estate for many, money gathered from investors to experts that operate mutual funds and more popular in…… As background, the equity investment as compared to the analysis of the time spent and the real estate investment of such large sums of money is not required, the diversified investment effect by individual stocks as compared to the lower risk of reasons, including resources and focusing on our core business and the combination of that and has released, I think. It’s not a mutual Fund, but legroom in what areas and regions have invested in the most popular like.

Some of the media, due to aggregation,exchange-traded funds [ETFS]and other types of special type except for the domestic shares in a public offering of Formula funds for the year 2019 Year 1 year percentage change[dividend reinvest-based]rankings, No. 1, is the Fidelity Select Fund[technology] The 2nd Shenzhen・Innovation equity Fund, as UBS China A-Shares Fund and Next-Generation Technology Fund and Nomura’s information electronics Fund, such as technology related stocks and Chinese stocks such as the Fund to invest in the top 10 of conspicuous.

U.S. semiconductor stocks composed of the SOX index,next generation telecommunications standards”5G”demand response as well as by 19 in the summer since the performance bottomed out expectations are high for this uptrend was in addition to Taiwan TSMC and orchids ASML capital investment trends, coupled with global stock market in tech stocks due to rising market scene to eat more…. Also, in the same year 10 mid-June, held the US-China trade negotiations, the two countries Phase 1 of the agreement was May,the stock price downward factors by the US-China trade friction against excessive concern over backwards to be looking for. Against this backdrop, worldwide technology-related stocks were bought and only them.

Also, China stock market, people’s Bank and reserve requirements[commercial banks from the Deposit to money ratio] of the lowering of aggressive stimulus measures, the slowing of China’s economy propped up and view data and stock prices were strong movements to improve. Most recently, 新型肺炎 over the economic slowdown concerns have been conscious 1 as of the end of plunging into the scene from the government economic measures to strengthen the posture of the continued Good Will,which is the primary stock index, the Shanghai Composite Index has already plummeted before the 3000 points return to try the movements and have a……

新型肺炎 of infected individuals, trends and even,Hubei province outside of new infections is decreasing, the numerical results of the impact on the economy and evaluate the new orientation is strong, the future trend is keeping a close eye on you for a while. On the other hand, the US semiconductor SOX index’s rise continues, we record the value area of the trend is continuing. The status quo is”5G”of smartphones, such as investment expectations are still rooted in……

20 years market into 新型肺炎 would plunge aspect was almost there,current stock quotes is big crumble deployment have yet to here from,basically a rising trend・have seen inflows to the Fund focusing on for instance one of the investment approach I would like to consider. This time in 2019, the Fund percentage change[part of the media aggregation]introduce, securities companies and various Internet media funds change ranking, such as by reference to,investors from popularity to check regularly it is also important to think.

■Asset Management [Investment] for Internet securities companies is easy

Mutual funds, such as through investment, when first brokerage, etc. accounts you must open. At the time of purchase 1 ~ 3% fee just makes,Internet Securities and social media. Internet securities smartphone and PC from anyone opening an account can be fees down the present cheap.

Net Securities how to choose the Include, if the user popular can first start as a mountain! For example, the domestic mutual funds satisfaction rankings and,in 2020, ranked No. 1 in the field of securities and more. The securities are held by a mutual Fund[the Fund]of the dividend occurs or when the pre-set reference value has reached the timing of,distributions automatic funds transfer services using the Fund’s earnings[dividend transfer plan at the time]such as when email or LINE notification service to do so. By doing this, the business is busy, even in your own desired way・the timing information can receive different. In addition, the same in the 2nd as was the case as SBI Securities and Monex, Inc. continued. Please refer.

“From now on, even between the fits! For the future of the asset management primer”, the record belongs to the analyst by their own views in the comment. 《SK》

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