From professional wrestling to philosophy.

"Stomach cancer has spread to the liver"

LINE arrived from my sister living near my parents' house.

I just wanted to leave my 91-year-old father and an 87-year-old mother, and I thought of either one for a moment, but it was Chihuahua.

17 years old. If you're a human, you're a fine chan. I thought that it was a lifetime, but for my sisters and parents who are on a daily basis, it is a fine family. It seems to be much more cute than the reporter of the eldest son who can't get close to his parents' home. Aiming for a complete cure, I was transferred to a large hospital.

Opening the mail box, mourning postcards arrive every day during this period. In the age of the Internet and mail, it has become much smaller than before, but there are still nearly 200 New Year's card exchanges. New Year's cards are the best way to find out about the status of senior employees of an OB who once met every day.

There was a lot of dark news this year. In the entertainment world, it became a big social problem with black business turmoil, drug arrest.

Under such circumstances, when I think of what I enjoyed during this year's interview, I talked about surfing with Yuko Fukada, Yuko Shinki talked to me a lot, etc. The number one was to talk to free announcer Ichiro Kofun about the story of professional wrestler Johnny Powers.

A competitor from the early 1970s to the mid-1970s when Antonio Inoki launched New Japan Pro Wrestling. It brought the NWF World Heavyweight Title, which later became the gold sign for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

A handsome man with a well-trained body, he was called Shinigami because of his cool fight. Called Powers Rock, the deformation of leg 4 of the deformed foot that slips your foot after crossing the other's legs was called "8 figure firmness" because it has "double power". He had clean curly hair, but later it turned out to be a wig.

When talking to a tomb that had built an era as TV Asahi's professional wrestling analyst, he was a fan of Powers. And then, please do your best … "It was a dreamy event for a former professional wrestling boy. It was a story of a time when it was not a dream for professional wrestling to get a viewer rating of over 20% during the terrestrial golden time.

The old burial mound held a talk live “Zakugo” at Shinjuku LOFT in Tokyo on the 2nd and 3rd of this month. For more than two hours, I kept talking non-stop with the buzzword award, the cherry blossom viewing party, Shinjiro & Taki Kuri, rugby, masturbation, philosophy, and Buddhism. From the youth to the middle-aged people, “Otoko Mania” was packed in the venue. It was interesting that the acupuncture points were slightly different between young people and former professional wrestling boys.

I also got new power. The rest of the year is less than a month. I felt like I could do my best.

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