From Rai Nakai, NGT48 members attend the production presentation of the movie "# Horaizu Cantata" "I want many people to know Toyama"

Rika Nakai, Hino Mimura, Aoi Furudate and others at NGT48 attended a production presentation of the movie "# Hojozu Cantata" held in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture on Thursday, 23rd.

This work is an original story completely drawn down in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture, and will be produced for the "12th Okinawa International Film Festival". The director is Masaaki Kanamori from Toyama Prefecture.

Starring from NGT48 Rika Nakai from Toyama Prefecture, NGT48 research students Hino Mimura and Aoi Furudate will also appear, and Chigana Ando and Haruka Kogoshi will also appear. The NGT48 members also have other tasks such as theme songs, a cappella in the play, piano accompaniment, and choreography of dancing. In addition, it has involved local communities, such as casting a number of talents related to Toyama Prefecture.

What you are interested in is the youth story that takes place in Imizu City, which is called "Venice in Japan". Nako Furuta [Hino Mimura], a third-year high school student living in Horaizu-cho, Imizu-shi, is active in the chorus club, advised by Toru Ota [Rika Nakai]. She has a longing for Tokyo and has decided to go to Tokyo Music College from spring. Immediately after graduation, the encounter with Oban Sky [Aoi Furudate], who has turned from Tokyo, will change the fate of Furuta.

Nakai, who participated in the recital, commented, "I am happy to work with a junior for the first time, and I will do my best to contribute to this work because I want more people to know about Toyama."

Mimura, who was selected as the main character, said, "I am surprised to hear that I will be the main character. I am glad that I wanted to take on the challenge. I love to sing. I will do my best to synchronize the feelings of that time with the feelings of Nago and make it a wonderful work. " That's why when I entered NGT48, I had the experience of switching from Tokyo to Niigata.There is a scene where I play the piano as a role, so I will do my best to make use of that experience I learned for eight years. " He talked about his enthusiasm for shooting.

The shooting will take place from mid-February to early March.

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