From suspicion to impression! A story that I found an unknown self when I tried the coffee diagnosis of "PostCoffee"

Suddenly, do you stick to coffee? There are a wide variety of coffee places in the world, from self-service at convenience stores to specialty shops dealing with rare beans, but coffee is a symbol of "luxury time" for writers who do not drink or smoke.

In the world of coffee, where the beans are produced, their varieties, roasted, bitterness and sourness, and flavor, they are as deep as wine and sake.If you can find the right beans for yourself, become a lifetime partnerright.

With a recent topical subscription,AI-based coffee diagnosticsIt seems that there is a service that chooses your favorite beans and delivers them to the post every month. It is also interesting to have a coffee subs, and above all, I want to receive a "coffee diagnosis"! So I tried the post service "PostCoffee".

・ What is coffee diagnosis?

First, go to the site and get a free "coffee diagnostic". Answers are available on both PCs and smartphones. I answer 10 questions that are randomly asked, but the second half is fixed items such as gender, age, and the presence of sugar, so the first five questions show personality.

What is interestingNot a coffee questionthing. There are no questions like, "What kind of coffee do you like?" It's a lifestyle question like "What's your favorite color?" Or "What's your drink when you come to drink with friends?" According to the vast combination of answers, AI judges the preference.

Is this with a personality test?選 択 Selective tests, such as YES / NO, allow you to change the answer in consideration of the other party, so there is a test called projection that does not tell the subject what is being measured.

・ Unexpected diagnosis result

Then, when I answered questions that seemed unrelated to coffee … a diagnosis came out. The writer is Almighty,Drinking anything coffee "balancer"That's right!カ ス タ マ イ ズ 1858 yen a month for my customization. It was a little expensive because it was a individually wrapped coffee bag. The price fluctuates depending on the presence of sugar and milk and the frequency of delivery.

To be honest, it was a little unexpected diagnosis. As a matter of fact, I usually don't like the bitterness of coffee, I like light taste, and sometimes I ask for American. I was hoping for a more "preferred light coffee" result. At this point,I was a little skeptical of this coffee diagnosis …

・ Post to post

Four days later, a stylish box had been posted to the post. Simple and cool design that does not make you feel uncomfortable even in the kitchen. Moreover, since it is post-in, it is okay to be away, and it is very good that you do not have to meet the courier.

I ordered a coffee bag, so there were 9 bags of 3 types x 3 bags. Of course, it can be customized to bean, hand drip, French press, coffee maker, etc.

The package is simple, but if you look closely, the number is printed, so you can see the place of origin and brand. The product page was displayed immediately after reading the QR code. It's easy when you like and want to order more.

・ Let's drink immediately

First, let's drink "post coffee blend" engraved with POS-0001. With beans from a single locality lined up, the only blend bearing the name "PostCoffee" was seen as a self-confidence product representing the service.

The chart is divided into two categories: "Fruity Balance Bitter" and "Light Medium Dark". According to the description, the coffee is "time spent with friends and family. It makes you smile and make you feel bright." The flavor image is …

"Aroma of pink flowers and red ripe fruit like apples and grapes. Round and sweet lingering like candy."

And that. At first glance it's an introduction that doesn't seem like a coffee explanation, but when you drink it …

Oh, certainly fruit!

In terms of coffee, I think he has a strong acidity. I'm usually not good at writing, but it has a light and refreshing taste like fresh fruit. Easy to drink because there is no "stinging feeling" that is common in sour coffee. A new drink like a coffee!

・ The second type …

The next one was "VIE-0201 Vietnam Laurent," which says "Between work. Blow off sleepiness and concentrate on work." It is interesting that situations are set for each coffee in this way. The flavor image is …

"It tastes like fragrant, sweet, and bittersweet almond chocolate. And the tail is as refreshing as citrus."

It is. At the moment of opening, a good smell like smoked smoke spreads a little. The classification is "dark" and "bitter", so it may be quite heavy and dark.

When I drink it … it's definitely dark! 。 But there is no unpleasant bitterness at all. It is rather mellow. When I ate bitter coffee,There is no discomfort to be ready to swallowIt is. Clean and drinkable.

・ The third type …

The last one was "GUA-0901 Guatemala Naranjares". The chart is about the middle between the first and second types. The situation is "Snack time. Relieve yourself and relieve yourself for your hard work."

"Sweet and fragrant scent when the tree nut tart is burned. Delicate and elegant fruit taste like a pear."

And that. It's definitely fruity when you drink it, but it doesn't feel as gorgeous as the first cup of "post coffee blend." Slightly sweet and modest. Indeed, it's suitable when you want to take a relaxing break. It doesn't interfere with what you eat together, so it might be nice to drink with sweets.

・ I am afraid of the diagnosis

Try drinking three,I was afraid to say clearly.I like coffee a lot and I always drink 2-3 cups of black every day. However, as mentioned at the beginning, it is not good for both bitter and sour, so there are many "drinks that cannot be drunk", and even stores that enter for the first time may even leave them.

I just thought that it was because of "child taste", so I received three different types,All of them were "delicious"I was surprised. Newly discovered the fact that "it was not bitter, it was tasteless and I couldn't drink it!" I am also surprised at the taste of specialty coffee.

All three were skeptical of "Is this really my favorite?", And they all enjoyed the adventure of taste and taste. The diagnosis of a "balancer" that drinks anything coffee,It was Donpisha unintentionallyThat's why. I thought I had a narrow taste, so I felt like I knew a new self.

・ Feedback closer to taste

By the way, the three types of coffee that arrived can be evaluated from "like, ordinary, and weak" with the "feedback" function. ThenArrange more and more to your likingIt seems to be done. However, the usability of the site is still evolving, so when can we provide feedback?フ ィ ー ド バ ッ ク Can't we fix it once we give feedback? There were also scenes where I was puzzled. I want to look forward to future brush-ups.

It is said that the production area is 30 kinds in 15 countries, in addition to Vietnam and Guatemala this time, Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica,And Kenya!At the offline store [Meguro-ku, Tokyo], you can taste and compare drinks with professional baristas.

There are plenty of cheaper coffees, but it's also a good time to really enjoy coffee that is focused on the origin and quality. From now on, let's drink various things without "I hate drinking". The coffee subscription service "PostCoffee" was an interesting experience that changed the way you look at coffee!

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Report:Saya Togashi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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