From the night of the 23rd to the early morning of the 24th, the Ursa Minor shower is in full bloom / The last meteor shower of the year

From the night of December 23, 2019 to the early morning of December 24,Koguri Meteor Shower is at its bestIt becomes. By the way, it is the last year as a meteor shower. The peak itself is the day of the 23rd, and it is a smaller meteor shower, so it may not look like the Gemini meteor shower the other day.

However, there is also the aspect that it is easy to challenge observation in terms of radiation point and moonlight. We will tell you the details, tips of observation, and the weather of each place together!

・ There is no moon

The good news is,No effect of the moon. According to the National Astronomical Observatory's "Hoshizora of the Day," the moon may have set in the afternoon. In other words, there is no moon in the night sky. It can be said that the environment is easy to find even a meteor that is not so bright.

And, as the name implies, the radiation point is Ursa Minor …Stays visible all nightNice point. However, as mentioned earlier, the meteor shower peak itself ended during the day on May 23, and it may not be as active as it was originally small.

Also, because the meteor showers flow through the night sky centering on the radiation point, do not focus on PolarisThe trick is to see the whole night sky widelyIt is. If you see it, you may be just lucky.

·the weather

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, cloudy marks are apparently noticeable on the Sea of ​​Japan side tonight. On the other handSunny and cloudy on the inland and Pacific sideIt feels like you can see the night sky.

By the way, on Asahi Shimbun's YouTube, it seems that Nagano is collaborating with the Kiso Observatory of the University of Tokyo for live broadcasting. If it's cold, it's an ant too.

Source:Japan Meteorological Agency,National observatory,YouTube

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