From the pointy to the relief … Actress guts seen in Mieko Harada

Last year's Nippon Television series “My story is long” [written by Shigeki Kaneko] was a drama with unique characters, including Toma Ikuta, but the mood of Mieko Harada as a mother remains impressive. Was. The vivid image of the teenage movies "Lullaby of the Earth" and "Youth Murderer" is remembered, and there is a sense of literally another world. I had the opportunity to interview her recently turned 61.

Regarding the recording of "My-", he recalls, "It was a fun and inevitable site anyway." However, it seems that there was a turn until such feelings.

She was sharp when she was a teenager and won the Best New Movie Award and Best Star Award.

"Yasuzo Masumura, Tatsumi Kamishiro, Shintaro Katsu, Akira Kurosawa … I met only amazing people when I was young, and many adults re-take more and more and look for the top So, when I was in my thirties, I sometimes felt unsatisfactory and frustrated, "Oh, this is OK." I was always angry because I couldn't control myself well. "

Speaking of "pointy episodes" at the shooting site, Kaori Momoi and Kumiko Akiyoshi are common to actresses of the same generation who have been baptized by "majors". There may be subtle individual differences, but listening to Harada's story, I felt a glimpse of their "mechanism in my heart".

In the case of Harada, when he was 38 years old, he swept the lead award again with "Begging for Love". In the meantime, there was child-raising, saying, "The way I interact with the child has changed, and now I can see a lot and lose my shoulders."

Needless to mention here, there are many things in Momoi and Akiyoshi in my private life, but the long-lived "active feeling" is common. Behind the scenes, I was once again thought that there was something that was soaked in actress guts, which was rarely seen among "great masters" as a teenager. 【Aiharasai】

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