From the Subaru FF1000 to the first Leone: The Origin and Tradition of Subaru Design 4

As chief of the first Leone.
Subaru 1000 and Van frequently performed driving tests at Mt. Akagi. Kato remembers that he compared it with a rival car on a gravel road here. The rival car was stepped on gravel and the rear was rampaged. But the FF Subaru 1000 ran straight and properly. "I was surprised at the difference in ability," he said.

One of the Momose ism is "Move your hands to create a shape." I'm thinking about shaping the interior using cardboard and wire mesh.

前後 Before and after the development of the Subaru 1000 van, we are also developing a fast-back compact car [development code name 66E] and a one-box in which the horizontally opposed engine of the Subaru 1000 is scaled down to 800 mm. At that time, Fuji Heavy Industries had a business alliance with Isuzu Motors. It seems that it was an alliance product. It was expected to be released, but it disappeared halfway and has not been commercialized.
The minicar has begun development of a successor model to the Subaru 360, whose sales have fallen. This has become a fruit of R-2. Subaru 360 has ceased production after a while.

The FF Rex can be said to be a hidden famous car, as knockdown production can be continued overseas even after production in Japan has ended. Kato was the chief designer of the exterior.

加 Kato's masterpiece of this era is the exterior design of the first Leone, which succeeds the Subaru FF-1 series. Leone, who demonstrated his skills as chief designer, was a powerful design with a wedge shape, and the first elegant two-door coupe appeared. Later, a sedan, a commercial van, and a two-door hardtop joined the company to establish a wide variation.

The Neuleone also demonstrated his skill as chief designer of the exterior.

"I designed the prototype of Leone, which is the successor to the Subaru 1000 and FF-1. It is said that this is a thorough cost reduction and that it can be built with half the budget. Diverted a Subaru 1000 van. It was truly outdated so it was a single gate with a minor change, but at first it opened up and down.The design was a sedan and a coupe at the same time. The sashless door was an idea that the technicians had warmed up since the A-5 prototype, after Leone was over, and after the World Advanced Vehicle Test [ESV] Conference, he designed safety cars In the 1980's, he worked on works such as The New Leone Touring Wagon, etc. Leone, a round two-light type, was scolded by American retailers. . Even though fine in a good design, the two-lamp type head lamp is not say outrageous, and in a cheap feel. "

Talks about activities since the 1970s.

Published: Nostalgic Hero 2008 August issue @ vol.128 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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