Fudokyo, “ Construction period setting, mainly for contractors '' explained in the construction period setting WG of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

The Real Estate Association, a working group (WG) on the construction period under the Central Construction Council of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, complained that the construction period for condominium construction is basically what the contractor plans. The condominium developer explained the difference between private construction work and public construction work, emphasizing that the contractor would receive proposals for the construction period. After that, he proposed the concept of setting the construction period for private works. The WG considers that as the working-age population declines and it becomes increasingly difficult to secure workers in the entire construction industry, including private buildings that support housing and urban development, the Chuken will formulate appropriate construction period standards. What was installed for. The government intends to hold discussions not only based on public works in which the government and local governments are the clients, but also on housing and real estate, as well as private construction projects such as railways, electric power and gas, and efforts to secure appropriate construction periods. The WG is planning to organize the report as early as this spring.

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