Fuji Yamanaka Akiko Anna is pregnant for 7 months and married a general man last year

Fuji Television's Akiko Yamanaka announcer [34] found that she was 7 months pregnant on the 12th. He married an ordinary man in March last year and was blessed with the long-awaited baby in his second year.

At the same time, he became the mother of Mio Matsumura Anna [33], the wife of the comedian Tomonori Tomouchi, who gave birth to his eldest daughter in October of last year.

Currently, Yamanaka Anna is a regular centered on news programs such as casters of “FNN Live News days” [11:50 am] and moderators of “Weekly Fuji Television Criticism” [Saturday 5:30 am] on Saturday and Sunday. I have a show. However, because of the spread of the new coronavirus, she was pregnant and continued to work from home in mid-April, so she did not appear on the TV screen. Soon after, he will go on maternity leave and prepare for childbirth.

Yamanaka Anna graduated from Tsuda College in April 2009 and joined the company as an announcer. In October of the same year, he was appointed as the second-generation sister of the late-night program "Ana☆Ban!", following the one-year-old senior Keiko Tsubakihara announcer [34]. With a bright smile, wearing a mini-skirt in bright tones and wearing a newsboy, she was familiar with "Akiko Sister.

When he was in elementary school, he performed entertainment in his hometown of Nagoya and appeared in commercials. He also belonged to a model office while at Tsuda College. He also belongs to Hitotsubashi University's athletic competition dance club and has won the samba category in East Japan. Becoming a mother is expected to make a leap forward.

◆Ayako Yamanaka Born on January 20, 1986 [Showa 61] in Nagoya city. After graduating from Tsuda College, he joined Fuji Television in 2009. My hobbies are reading and watching movies. My favorite foods are sushi, soft serve, and roasted meat. Special skill is competitive dance. The motto is "Tomorrow will be the wind of tomorrow." Blood type B.

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