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Fujifilm, an instax mini 11 introductory check machine that anyone can take beautifully

Fujifilm announced on February 26, the entry model "instax mini 11 [Eleven]" of the instant camera "Check" series. Despite being a low-priced entry model, it is equipped with an "auto exposure function" that adjusts the optimal shutter speed and flash light intensity according to the shooting scene, making it possible to shoot beautifully. Price is open. It will go on sale in early April.

  • “ Instax mini 11 '' equipped with “ auto exposure function '' that automatically adjusts shutter speed and flash light intensity

instax mini 11

The instax mini 11 is an entry model of an instant camera that can print immediately on the spot. As a new function, the camera is equipped with an "auto exposure function" that automatically detects the surrounding brightness by simply pressing the shutter button and adjusts the optimal shutter speed and flash light amount according to the shooting scene.

  • The design is simple but not cheap

  • A large “instax” logo is placed on the check film insertion slot cover

The transition to the selfie mode for taking selfies and close-ups is easy, and is completed by simply pulling out the lens tip one step after turning on the power. Button accessories that can be attached to the shutter button are also available. Two types are available, one using fluorescent materials and one using jewelry motifs.

Equipped with a retractable Fujinon lens with a focal length of 60mm. The shooting distance is manually switched between 0.3-0.5m and 0.5m-∞. Uses two AA batteries for power. The body size is W107.6 x D67.3 x H121.2mm and weighs 293g [excluding batteries, straps and film].

Color variations are available in five colors: brush pink, sky blue, charcoal gray, ice white, and lilac purple.

  • Color variations available in all 5 colors

New check film "MARBLE" series

Two new films are available with marble-like patterns on the frame. Both will be released from early April.

  • Mini format film "BLUE MARBLE"

Film that can be used in all checks compatible with mini format. It adopts a blue marble-like frame design accented with shiny gold. 10 pieces per pack.

  • "BLUE MARBLE" with marble-like frame design

  • Square format film "WHITE MARBLE"

Film that can be used in all "instax SQUARE" series that supports the square format. It adopts a white marble-like frame design with glossy silver accents. 10 pieces per pack.

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