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Fujifilm releases clip-on flash for X/GFX series

Fujifilm will release the "FUJIFILM Clip-on Flash EF-60" (hereinafter "EF-60") from the end of August 2020 as an accessory for the digital cameras "X Series" and "GFX Series".

The price is 59,000 yen (excluding tax) for the "EF-60" and 30,000 yen (excluding tax) for the "FUJIFILM Wireless Commander EF-W1" (hereafter "EF-W1") that is released at the same time.

  • FUJIFILM clip-on flash EF-60

    FUJIFILM clip-on flash EF-60

The "EF-60" is a clip-on flash that achieves a maximum guide number of 60, despite its compact size. It is equipped with a wireless wireless communication system "Nissin Air System (NAS) receiver", and by combining it with the simultaneous release "EF-W1", flash photography by wireless communication is possible. Multiple flashes can be linked to set the amount of light for each group, and multi-flash lighting can be performed at the same time.

Also, since the flash head can be manually adjusted to 180° left and right and 90° upward, it is possible to illuminate the ceiling or wall with the flash light and use bounce photography that uses reflected indirect light.

The irradiation angle supports a focal length of 24-200 mm. When using the built-in wide panel, it covers the angle of view up to a focal length of 16 mm. It also has an "auto zoom function" that automatically adjusts the irradiation angle according to the angle of view of the lens, so you can prevent insufficient light in the peripheral areas of the image and shoot with appropriate brightness.

"TTL mode", which automatically adjusts to the optimum light amount according to the distance to the subject, aperture value, ISO sensitivity, etc., enables high-quality shooting using the flash. In addition to being equipped with a "manual mode", it also supports high-speed sync that allows flash photography even when using a high-speed shutter of up to 1/8000 seconds.

The size of the main body is about 97 mm in height × 73 mm in width, and the weight is about 300 g (excluding batteries).

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