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FUJIFILM "X-Pro3", camera point is also surprising points

As previously reported, Fujifilm has announced the mirrorless top model "X-Pro3". Let's take a look at the features of the personal explosion camera, based on the actual camera, that Fujifilm personnel will be confident of as "one machine that has been carefully selected".

  • FUJIFILM announces the mirrorless “X-Pro3” for enthusiastic photography fans. It is a high-performance model with extremely high taste. The actual sales price is expected to be around 215,000 yen for the black model and about 240,000 yen for the DR black model and DR silver model. The release date is scheduled for November 28 for the black model and mid-December for the DR black and DR silver models

New coating that won't scratch even if you do it with a key

X-Pro3 is said to have been designed to pursue the pleasure of having a camera and the pleasure of manipulating it. Takashi Ueno of Fujifilm, who was in charge of product planning for X-Pro3, said, “X-Pro3 is a camera for people who love photography. “We have a series of X-T3 and so on, so X-Pro3 was deliberately shaken off.”

  • The basic style is almost the same as X-Pro2. The photo is a DR black model with a new coating, and the titanium part has a taste even if it has a fingerprint

  • Body size is almost the same as X-Pro2

One of the features of X-Pro3 is that titanium was used for the top and bottom warships. Mr. Ueno explains, “The top and bottom surfaces are easy to collide with various places, so we used hard and hard-to-deform titanium.”

  • Magnesium is used where precision machining is required

By the way, titanium is also a difficult material to process, and since it is not possible to process fine parts with machinery alone, some processing such as polishing is done manually. Therefore, the finish of the warship is said to be slightly different from product to product. “It's an industrial product, but I want you to enjoy the handmade differences,” says Ueno.

It's not just a titanium material. It is also worth noting that special color coating and curing treatment using “Duratect” is applied to the color variations of two of the three colors so that they can be used habitually for a long time without any scratches as when they were new. Compared to normal titanium, the surface hardness is 10 times higher, and even scratching with a metal such as a cutter or key does not cause any scratches. “We made it a combination of titanium and a special coating so that it could be used with a new paint forever,” says Ueno.

  • Titanium parts that have undergone hardening treatment of duratect, which is used for the warship on the bottom. I actually rubbed it with metal, but there was no scratch

  • Titanium materials are used for all three colors, but each has different processing such as painting and coating.

  • The two colors using Duratect technology are also quite different

By the way, deratect technology is not used only in the black model. If you rub something, it will be scratched, but it will be a color you can enjoy over time.

  • From left: black model, DR silver model, DR black model

  • The black model does not use Duratect technology, and it will scratch if you hit it

Reason for the birth of “Hidden LCD” with LCD hidden inside

X-Pro3 is characterized by a liquid crystal panel on the back. As you can see from the name of “Hidden LCD”, the main LCD panel is hidden inside the tilt panel, not the outside, and only the small square LCD that displays the shooting information is exposed during normal shooting.

  • On the back side, a square reflective liquid crystal is mounted, and in addition to shooting information such as aperture and shutter speed, graphics corresponding to film simulation are displayed. Cannot display the photos and videos taken

The reason for this structure is that I wanted to stop the act of looking at the picture taken on the rear LCD after taking the picture. Like a film camera in the past, it has a desire to finish the work with the composition and exposure of each photo.

  • Main LCD panel appears when opened

Nonetheless, it is inconvenient to completely eliminate the rear LCD like Leica's “Leica MD”, and as a result of seeking convenience that can support waist level shooting with the LCD facing up, this style It is said that

  • If it opens quickly 90 degrees, it corresponds to the waist level shooting

Raising functions such as new film simulation

The image sensor and image processing engine are equipped with the latest generation of the same models as the current models such as X-T3, X-T30, X-E3, etc. Is inherited.

In addition, X-Pro3 features a new film simulation “Classic Neg.”. This mode allows you to shoot with the color reproduction of color negative film used by many people in the heyday of film cameras.

  • The newly added film simulation “Classic Neg.” Is a representation that suppresses saturation with stiff gradations.

The shooting performance is also improved. In addition to making it possible to focus with phase contrast AF even when it is almost dark with the naked eye, the electronic viewfinder [EVF] equipped with an organic EL panel reduces the afterimage of the display by inserting black between frames. did.

X-Pro3, "Aiming to be a camera that people who love photography for a long time", a fan meeting event in Ueno, Tokyo on October 26th [Sat]FUJIFEST GLOCAL 2019, Tokyo”, You can try the actual machine as soon as possible. If you are interested in X-Pro3's special points, please visit.

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