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Fujifilm's X100V high-resolution digital camera improves design and image quality

Fujifilm announces the new X100V, a lens-integrated digital camera that uses a rangefinder camera-like design. This is the fifth generation model in the series. The new image sensor and image processing engine have been added to improve image quality, and new 4K video shooting is supported. The highlight is that while maintaining the well-established design, the fine irregularities have been thoroughly eliminated to achieve a “one-of-a-kind” finish. This is a self-confident work that Fujifilm describes as "the biggest model change in the X100 series".

The price is open and the expected actual sales price is around 165,000 yen excluding tax. The color is available in two colors, silver and black. The silver model is scheduled for release in late February and the black model is scheduled for March.

  • Fujifilm's fifth generation X100V. It is finished with a confidence work that expresses it as "the biggest model change in the X100 series"

Renewed long-awaited dust-proof and drip-proof body

A lens-integrated model equipped with an APS-C type image sensor and single focus lens. This is the successor to the "X100F" released in February 2017, and will be the first model change in about three years.

  • Although the basic design inherits the conventional model, the contents have evolved to the same level as the APS-C mirrorless flagship model "X-Pro3"

The main improvements of X100V are as follows.

  • Same image sensor and image processing engine as APS-C mirrorless "X-Pro3"

  • The series' first dust-proof and drip-proof body

  • Beautiful exterior with a flat finish eliminating unnecessary protrusions

  • Series' first tilt LCD [touch panel type]

  • Eliminates the cross button on the back for simple operation

  • First 4K / 30p movie shooting in the series, no crop

  • X-Pro3 adds a popular film simulation "Classic Negative"

Both the image sensor and image processing engine, which affect the image quality, use the same APS-C mirrorless "X-Pro3" to enhance the image quality. The lens is a single focus lens that is equivalent to 35mm / F2 in 35mm format conversion, and the specifications are the same as the conventional model, but the lens configuration has changed from the past and the depiction performance is improved. In particular, it is said that the expressiveness when taking a close-up shot with the aperture open has increased.

  • The specifications of the single focus lens which is equivalent to 35mm / F2 in 35mm format conversion are the same as before, but the lens design has been redesigned as can be seen from the indication of "II" at the end.

  • The lens configuration changed drastically, increasing the sense of resolution during close-up shooting with the aperture open. It is said that the ND filter has been strengthened for four stages in preparation for expanding the dynamic range

  • Comparison with the old model "X100F" [right]. You can see the difference in resolution between the center and the periphery

What is noteworthy is that for the first time in the series, the body has a dust-proof and drip-proof structure. Dust-proof and drip-proof have been eagerly sought by users of the conventional model, so it can be said to be a long-awaited improvement for fans. However, since the lens part is not dust-proof and drip-proof, it is necessary to attach an optional adapter ring and filter to ensure sealing. Despite these restrictions, it is a nice point that the shooting scene expands by supporting dust and drip proofing.

  • It is nice that the body has a dust-proof and drip-proof structure while it is conditional

The body features a flat design with the basic design inherited from the previous model, while removing the extra protrusion on the surface as much as possible. There is no level difference for each part, so it is beautiful. In the small part, the rails of the hot shoe were cut down to eliminate the steps. The material was changed from conventional magnesium to aluminum, and the surface treatment was devised so that the texture of the metal could be felt more strongly.

  • The top and bottom covers have changed from conventional magnesium to aluminum. Hot shoe rails are flush and beautiful

For the first time in the series, the rear LCD is a tilt type that supports touch operation. The panel itself is thinned so that it does not protrude during storage, and at first glance it looks like a fixed liquid crystal. At the same time, the back has eliminated the cross button that makes it feel like a digital camera, has been operated with a joystick and touch panel LCD, and the back has been refreshed.

  • The rear LCD has been renewed to the long-awaited tilt type. The liquid crystal panel is finished thin while ensuring strength

  • When you store the LCD panel, it will be flush and you can not think it is movable

  • The bottom cover is flush with the bottom cover, so the only way to raise the panel is to put your finger on the left edge of the ledge. Somewhat inconvenient, but the beauty of the design when stored is excellent

  • Similar to the X-Pro3, the cross button that symbolized the digital camera was abolished and the button layout was simplified.

  • It is said that the top cover pursued the texture by sticking to the edge polishing.

Around the operation, the structure of the upper ISO dial has been improved. In the past, it was necessary to turn the dial while pulling it up, but with the X100V, once pulled up, the dial can be turned so that the sensitivity can be changed by turning it normally.

  • The ISO sensitivity dial no longer needs to be pulled upward, improving operability

For the first time in the series, this series supports shooting in 4K / 30p 4K image quality. Since no cropping is performed when shooting, you can enjoy wide-angle shooting using the angle of view of the lens. Film Simulation has added a "Classic Negative" that allows you to shoot with the expression of an old negative film.

The body size is W128 x H74.8 x D53.3mm, and weighs about 478g [including memory card and battery].

The X100V, which Fujifilm's staff has described as “a camera that makes you think you can take a good picture” and “a camera that makes you take a picture”, is likely to be one of the hottest cars this spring. Please try the actual machine at the "CP + 2020" Fujifilm booth starting February 27.

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