Fujiko "Future" woman D is healthy in criticism of Yuko Ando

On Fuji TV's "Direct Hit Live Goody!" broadcasted on the 19th, a female director who was unable to continue the report under the burning sun was criticized by Yuko Ando caster for continuing the relay, the station on the 20th “We would like to make use of this experience for future program production,” commented the sports interview. In addition, "the director who was in charge of the relay did not have the symptoms of heat stroke and there was no problem with his physical condition."

The report conveys the state of Togetsukyo Bridge in Kyoto under the scorching sun. The female director showed that the thermometer at hand was 40.1 degrees and said, "It's been pretty hot and I've been fluttering." "It's hot and dull," he said, abandoning the report and said, "I'll give it back to the studio."

In response, Castor Ando instructed him to report again, "Can I give you one more time?" A female director called "Hurafura" was stuck, saying "I'm returning…Is it right…". Actor Katsumi Takahashi broke in saying, "You should take a break," and cheating Takeyama and others cast a complaint, saying, "Get in the car early and take a rest," and the female director faded out while the camera shot a distant view.

After the broadcast, criticism was received for instructing to continue the report while suspecting heat stroke. There were also many questions about the report itself under hot weather.

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